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The “HAT”

(from Larry, KD8COV & Lyn, W8MLL) Mike Floyd, W1HAT, recently became a Silent Key. Mike had many interests beside ham radio, one being meteorology. His weather forecasting ability was often more correct than the TV weather talking heads and even what was coming out of NWS in Cleveland. He loved working the computer models and studying the charts and coming up with even long-range predictions that would be right on. Some are not aware of how Mike became known as "The Hat" or why he even changed his call to W1HAT, so with permission of Larry Bell, KD8COV, I am passing on his letter to Mike's daughter. Many thanks to Larry for doing a fantastic job of writing the description of how it all came about and agreeing to share it with us .... a wonderful memory of W1HAT. - Lynn W8MLL Michele: I just want to express to you, your Mom and your family just how much Mikey's friendship meant to me and the rest of the Marion Amateur Radio Club members. I first met Mikey shortly after getting my FCC license. He was one of the first to befriend me. He understood that it was hard for non-native Marionites to integrate into the local fabric of the community. I recognized his quick wit immediately and we spent many days at the coffee "round table" at the Marion Diner comparing notes about the Marionites. Mikey just had a hilarious perspective of life and I enjoyed his commentary immensely. Not long after joining the radio club, I decided that the meetings were a bit dry and that we needed to have more fun while discussing "all things technical." Having spent much of my adult life as an engineer, sales manager and business owner, I had developed a number of programs that were designed to get groups of people to interact to break down barriers between them that might exist. I decided to introduce the radio club to one of my characters.... Dr. Heywood Ubuzzoff..... a Russian physicist of eminent ability and renowned expertise. So, in deciding how to do this, I decided that Dr. Ubuzzoff would do a technical program on one of his recent inventions ..... a weather predicting hat that was powered by brain waves. I also decided to single out one of the radio club members to demonstrate the hat. Of course, I chose your father as the victim of my endeavor. (The reason for that was I knew he could handle a little ribbing and also that he was a bit of a performer himself in real life.) I also decided that I needed a straight man to help Dr. Ubuzzoff the demonstration. That is how Lynn Lovell joined the adventure. So, come the night of the radio club meeting when Dr. Heywood Ubuzzoff was unveiled, Dr. Ubuzzoff came dressed in his white laboratory coat and spoke in a heavy, heavy Russian accent. Dr.  Ubuzzoff demonstrated the weather hat which had several scientific type instruments like thermometer, wind direction vane, rain gauge, etc. It also came equipped with a pair of glasses that had two lights affixed to the temples of the glasses that supposedly would light up if the wearer of the hat had enough brain waves to power it. When Dr. Ubuzzoff put the weather hat on, the two lights immediately came on but that was because Dr. Ubuzzoff had secretly flipped a switch that was battery powered. Dr. Ubuzzov was sure to mention that Russians never had problems powering the hat because of their superior intellect. Then, it was poor Mikey's turn. Somehow the light switch had gotten turned off in the process of transferring the hat to Mikey. No matter how hard Mikey tried, he could not make the lights come on. Dr. Ubuzzoff told the group that he had been concerned about American's ability to power the had ..... and of course had created a back-up power supply plan....because Russians always were ahead of the game. That statement was met with a number of boos from the audience of course. But, Dr. Ubuzzoff at that point knew that he had the group in the palm of his hand. So, Dr. Ubuzzoff pointed out the special American back-up power system that he had designed for the American version of the weather hat. On the back of the hat, Dr. Ubuzzoff had positioned a gas valve to which a rubber tube was attached. Before poor Mikey could react, Dr. Ubuzzoff placed the rubber tube down into the back of Mikey's trousers and at the same time had flipped the light switch on so that the lights lit up like torches. The audience went crazy and laughed for a long time. (continued)
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Mikey loved the whole episode and bore the brunt of the Russian trickery in a manner only a US Navy veteran could have done. The whole episode was the talk of the round table for the next month and I am sure that Mikey thought the whole thing would fade away and everyone would forget it. But, Mikey did not know that Dr. Ubuzzoff had further plans for him. At the very next radio club meeting, Dr. Ubuzzoff had secretly contacted the other club members to bring cans of beans to give to Mikey so that he would be sure to have enough energy to keep the hat powered. The look on Mikey's face at the next meeting as the cans of beans piled up in front of him was something I will never forget. It was a precious memory that should never "fade away" and I only share this with you because through all of this, he handled all of this with his typical humor, humility and good cheer. By the way, he donated all of the cans of food to a local charity. I never ever contemplated that he would embrace the "Weather Hat" episode so much that he made it a part of his life. His radio call sign, his email address and so many other things that sprang from this one little club skit was truly amazing. I hope the "Weather Hat" is still someplace in residence with you all. The Weather Hat should be in a place of honor in a museum.....both the man and the actual hat. I will miss Mikey.......may he always sail in calm seas. -Larry L. Bell KD8COV

DELARA History

30 years ago -  October 1987

The NJ8F novice 224.1 MHz repeater was unveiled.

20 years ago -  October 1997

A special treat was a field trip to the new Ohio Emergency Operation Center / Joint Dispatch Facility.  A new machine was on the way for the .17 repeater.

10 years ago -  October 2007

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DELARAN speaks at the Great Lakes Hamfest!

For those of you attending the Great Lakes HamCon this weekend, please be sure to attend the Carole Perry Youth Forum at 2:00 pm in the Media Lounge. DELARA member, Seamus Bonte - KE8GTT, will be speaking. His presentation, Hams: The First Makers, will discuss how Ham Radio Operators can benefit from the tools equipment found in a Makerspaces, like The Point at Otterbein University. He will also discuss how Makerspaces can benefit from Ham Radio Operators as members of their community.

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Big Move!   Universal Radio moves closer to DELARA!

The official Columbus “Candy  Store” is moving. Universal has been an integral part of amateur radio in Central Ohio for over 60 years. Universal was founded in 1942 by F.R. "Gibby" Gibb W8IJ. Universal Service, as it was then called, was located on North Third Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. It then moved to Aida Dr in Reynoldsburg.  Universal Radio is currently located in a 10,000 square foot facility on Americana Dr.  Now- that’s going to change with a relocation to 651-B Lakeview Plaza Blvd, Worthington OH. The store will close for October 9-11, and open at it new location October 12.