delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 36 NUMBER 10


Will Hoffine,  N8TQU

Indian Trail/Post Road/State Route 161

Ohio Route 161 was established in 1924 to connect Plain City and Dublin. Today it extends from Ohio Route 29 at Mutual in Champaign County to Ohio Route 37 near Alexandria. Prior to the route being designated a “State Route” a portion was known as Post Road over which mail was transferred between Worthington and Urbana by the Pony Express. Before Post Road was used for mail service and early settlers it was an Indian trail, blazed by the famous Indian Chief, Tecumseh. A plaque affixed to a large stone at the corner of Butler Avenue and SR 161 near Big Darby Creek was placed by the Ohio Society: Daughters of American Colonists on Oct. 18,1941 to preserve the history of Post Road.
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