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Happy New Year!  Are we a bit late or early?  The calendar says it is September, after all.  School kids and teachers refer to this time as a new year, ham radio contesters are getting ready for a new contesting year and some companies or government agencies start there fiscal year around this time. None of this really applies to us.  Our year starts, or maybe ends, on the fourth weekend in June – Field Day.  So, we’re a few months into our year already. I can’t think of too much going on so I will simply invite you to join us for our next meeting: Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Rd.  It has been nice to pull into the parking lot and see several people gathered outside the building to do a bit of socializing.  We should take advantage of that opportunity while we can. I know of two people who were lucky enough to be able to travel to where they could see the full solar eclipse in August.  One person was absolutely blown away and had no idea the actual eclipse would turn out the way it did even though he had read up on it and saw a lot of pictures of other eclipses.  Another person, our own Dr. Bob, will fill us in on his own experience viewing the eclipse. Please join us and feel free to linger outside in the nice late- summer air. 73, Joe, AA8TA

Serving Our Community

The All-Horse Parade DELARA has for many years (3 decades or more) supported the Delaware “All Horse Parade”.  This is the largest all-horse parade east of the Mississippi, and has been graced with appearances from the Budweiser teams and other major attractions. This is a big tradition in Delaware, and it’s a great way to show amateur radio to the public. Thanks to all who regularly participate!  

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