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Meeting Forecast 2018

We have some excellent topics in the pipeline for 2018~  including the Terror Awareness session outlined on the front page this month.  Some of these are not completely firmed up (those out 6 months or so) but we’re pretty confident. January: Terror awareness February:  T33 island Dxpedition March: Our traditional Field Day planner April:  Night at the movies! Our own Bob W8ERD’s “Wow Movie” May:  SDR and Remote Station operation at the ARC June: Field Day is here! July: Tentative- Skype with FLEX radio August: Hamin’ it up in Jolly Old September: October: November:  Boat anchor swap and business meeting April: No meeting

DELARA History

30 years ago -  April 1988

Lots going on- amateur testing, work at the “Big Ear”, looking forward to Field Day. 

20 years ago -  April 1998

Pre-Field Day planning with K8MP, full area codes will be required to dial your phone (has it been that long ago??), Kids Safety Scenes,

10 years ago -  April 2008

Foibles of LOTW. The DELARA Team (W8ERD, N8AUG, W8KTQ, K8MP) ran up 1.8M points in ARRL CWDX.

Amateur Radio Need Youth but Where?

(this is a real report) No debate, we need some youngers in our ranks!!  But efforts to recruit from the general younguns has failed miserably.  Here’s an idea from Ohio ARES:  Check your local area for college ham radio clubs!I Back in the day, colleges had vibrant ham raido clubs- with massive school facilities.  Then, they sort of faded away. Word on the street is that some college ham radio clubs are back- and doing very well! Does your town have a college? Is there (or could there be) a ham club there?  What a great resource for our local ham activity- and a huge find for ARES volunteers!  Take a look around!