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The biggest athletes event anywhere

Yes, we did just get over the “Biggest Athletic Event Anywhere” but there’s yet another diamond in the Central Ohio “Ring of Cool Things” - the Biggest Athletes Event is coming to the Fairgrounds!                             Sponsored by the Golden Corral chain of buffet restaurants this event sports a number of highly regarded events- including the required “Best Female Form” shenanigans. But there are more events for the athletic purist- including boxing, weightlifting, and many more: (Click for larger image - see what we did there?)         Like the Arnold, amateur operators will be paired with medical teams. You must have a radio, headset, and the ability to stifle laughter for long periods of time.

It’s the “Place to Be” - the Burn the Baofengs Bonfire

This May another epic amateur radio event will be staged by DELARA - in the interest of spring cleaning and “Maded in ‘Murica” DELARA will host its first “Burn the Baofeng Bonfire” in the middle of the Red Cross parking lot. This event is cathartic- for those who’ve worn fingers to the bone trying (unsuccessfully, of course) to manually program the el-cheapo handhelds it offers a chance to rid yourself of the demon posessed ‘radio-in-a-chip’ units that have flooded our shores. While intended to relieve the stress of these dastardly designed digital devices, we will look the other way if you have a computer, laptop, or so- called ‘smart phone’ that you wish to contribute to the event. While we cannot confirm the reports as fact, it is rumored that Universal will have a trailer full of good ol’ Murican made, Yoo-Ess-AAA accepted handheld radios (Yaesu, Icom, Wouxon and of course Kenwood) to help us transition from a gap in our pockets to a gap in our wallets. Each box sold will come with a tacky Murican flag sticker suitable for your back winder. No date is being publicized for the event, on the off-chance that fire officials might be skimming the News and try to position sniper-fire-prevention officers around the perimeter of the parking area. A side benefit of the bonfire may be that the asphalt will become hot and liquefy, helping to patch some of the cracks in the parking lot.