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DELARA Contest Team

  Israel...6116 miles from here to there. It takes 60 watts drive to get 1.2KW from my amp so I have my Flex set to 60 watts. I forgot to mention that I forgot to turn the amp on and the remote from the tuner showed 63 watts (it varies with SWR). I broke through a pileup, gave a reception report of 57 and received one of 59...all on 63 watts...to Israel. ILTH!* Wally We had a good showing by K8T (Joe, K8MP, and Dale, W8KTQ) and K8ROX.  Several other DELARA members in the results.  Good effort by everybody; time to think about this year’s OHQP.  It is at the end of August. From: Jim Stahl The results of the 2017 Ohio QSO Party are now available at the OhQP web site, www.ohqp.org Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all who took part. We hope you all will be back to join us for the 2018 OhQP, on Saturday, August 25!  -  Jim   K8MR   OhQP Chairman Dennis, N6KI, sends along a link to a video showing LimeSDR hardware being used with two antennas to detect the direction of arrival of a signal from a handheld transceiver. At one point in the video, it appears that multipath is being received as the indicator swings wildly from one direction to another. Victor, K1LT, has been using beam steering on 160 meters for a number of years as the basis of his directional receiving antenna. A presentation from 2014 entitled "Exploring the Mysteries of Long and Skewed Path DXing" contains a number of audio examples of long-path propagation, as well as hints on when to find these nontraditional multiplier paths if operating near Southern California. The panel discussion by W6YA, K6NA, and W6YI was part of the January 2016 San Diego DX Club meeting.