dullara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 37 NUMBER 4

Joe Fischer


Autonomous Otto, At Your Service

It never fails, I go off to work because there is this pesky problem in that stores expect money for food and the daily necessities of life, such as antenna analyzers.  Anyway, while I’m at said place of employment, earning the money to pay for our sustenance, like potato chips, some exciting DX will pop up.  Dang, it takes too long to bust out of the meeting I’m in, assuming I’m awake, and dash home to try to wriggle through the pile-up. What I need is an autonomous, automatic cyborg to nab that DX for me.  I could even track down exciting DX while I’m slumbering the night away. Say hello to Otto:   I went to a prestigious university where I was voted Outstanding Something (I forget, I was out standing somewhere, maybe in the rain) and have been working on an autonomous, automatic cybernetic DX getter for a long time.  Good Old Otto may not look very big, but he is packed with high-density computing circuits and can easily tune around the bands, monitor the DX clusters and send out my call sign all day until I (Otto) get through. My radio is fully CAT-controlled (not by a kitty-cat, though) so Otto can do whatever is needed to change bands or power or whatever.  If I ever decide to break my CW-only vow, Otto will be a natural on those digital modes where one can be nearly comatose and work tons of stations.   Here is Otto working the ARRL DX contest. The biggest challenge right now is the FCC’s definitions of “control operator” and “person.”  Otto has a lot of my DNA in him since I built him.  I’m also consulting leading philosophers over “what is a person?”  Is it strictly limited to a being that stubs his toe on a dog toy and exclaims his frustration in salty language?  If some whacky areas of the left-coast states can claim that plants have feelings, how about Otto?  I can program feelings into him.  Just wait until you hear Otto when that tuner-upper will not stop tuning upping on my frequency! Ah, life is grand!  I can now venture out to watch baseball games all I want and do not ever have to worry about missing that ultra-rare DX! GL es 73 de Joe AA8TA dit dit