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Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules Expands DX Availability

In keeping with their strong stance at being ambivalent about the recent FCC amateur reallocation proposal, the DXCC Board of Secret met at an unknown location over copious amounts of alcoholic beverage to discuss the potential effects on the DX world.  Since it’s well known that “You can’t work any DX on 40 or 80” it became imperative to reconsider the narrow, limiting list of DX entities available through RF. Because the Internet presents immediate access to ALL parts of the world, not just the 300 countries, it was first thought that it would be necessary to revise the list to include more Internet-accessible locations. After some discussion, that idea was hooted down as involving way too much work: reading, and typing, and map stuff. So an acceptable alternative was reached that Board members say will revolutionize the DX world, and make their job significantly easier. As of an unknown date in the future, the DXCC award will become self-policing.  Applicants will only need to manitain a a computer log of conversations held with distant locations (this could be using any form, Facebook, snapchat, etc.) When the operator decided he or she has qualified for the new DX$ award, they merely fill out a simple, 15-part form on the ARRL website and fork over the modest $500 fee. The downloadable, suitable-for-printing form with their chosen identifier (ham callsign, CB handle, or suitable hashtag assortment) will be emailed to their location.  This proposal will be presented to the ARRL Board of Directors Spring meeting in Montserrat, since it would require someone to authorize the purchase of a Windows 10 PC. It was first thought that current League IT resources could handle the program, but it was later discovered that MS Access will not run on existing DOS 286 machines.