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Amateur radio videos – DMR edition

Because I’m working on a project for a company that sells DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio, radios, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos to get up to speed on the topic. Here are some that I found useful. The first video discusses DMR basics: The video is pretty short, but it will give you a basic understanding of DMR terminology and how it works. For example, I had no idea what people were talking about when they mentioned the term “color code” before watching this video. The second video shows how to program a particular DMR radio, the Radioddity/Baofeng/BTECH RD-5R. As KE0OG points out in the video, there’s no such thing as Chirp for DMR radios, so unless you have an RD-5R, the details are going to be a little different, but by watching this video, you’ll have a better idea of how to program a DMR radio than you did before watching it. Finally, because there isn’t a DMR repeater here in Ann Arbor, I needed to acquire a “digital radio hotspot.” There are quite a few on the market, and KB9VBR gives some good advice on what hardware and software to purchase. I was lucky. My friend, Dinesh, AB3DC, lent me his Zumspot hotspot. Not only did he lend it to me, he even configured it for my WiFi network. Thanks to Dinesh, and the videos above, I’m now on DMR.