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Will Hoffine,  N8HDM

First Oil Well

The first commercial oil well drilled in the United States specifically for oil was drilled by Edwin Drake in 1859. It is 69-1/2 feet deep and led to the first oil boom in the U.S. It was drilled on the banks of Oil Creek, South of Titusville, Pennsylvania. However, the first oil well in the U.S. was a well that was drilled for salt brine near Caldwell, Ohio in 1814 by Silas Thorla and Robert McKee. In 1814, salt was needed for food preservation as well as consumption by humans and livestock. The oil that accompanied the salt brine was a nuisance and was removed from the brine. Eventually, the oil was use for lamps and other . purposes. By the time oil was in big demand, Thorla and McKee were both deceased. Re: Wikipedia Ohio History Central According to Snopes.com “April Fool's Day” began in the 1500's when the Gregorian Calendar took over from the Julian calendar. Those who forgot, attempted to celebrate New Year's Day which had previously been celebrated on April 1st. They were then teased as “April Fool's. Happy New Year/ April Fool's Day/Happy Easter