I say, chap, Let’s take a tour!

I have to tell you that next to Petoskey, MI, the UK is my very favorite place on the globe. I’ve been there twice, and each time I felt like a college kid returning home (with a load of laundry).  The Broadways are only three generations out- my great grandfather came through Canada to the US from England. As I got playing around with our family genealogy, I was able to trace that branch back to the 1600’s, and I have pictures of the small town to which that points. I also have a couple walking canes from the family which originated from Buckingham Palace, where we reportedly were among the groundskeepers. So I have strong anticipation of our August meeting.  Tom Foy, N4HAI, has documented his trip to the UK, and will take us all on an adventure!  DELARA has a strong tradition of following its members’ travels (remember back in the days of the early newsletter, with European escapades being reported?)   We hope you’ll settle back for a nice tour! Our newsletter, edited by Stan, N8BHL, has won distinction before in Ohio and the Great Lakes ARRL division.  Every year, the Ohio ARRL section holds a newsletter contest and the winners are announced at the Columbus Hamfest, which is now in Grove City. This year, our newsletter came in tied for 2nd place along with Lake Erie ARA’s newsletter.  Congratulations to Stan for bolting the newsletter together each month. Guess what?  You can help keep our newsletter making a positive impression by making contributions of your own.  Short articles, experiences with antenna projects, rebuilding a dead power supply, or many other things can make for fun reading.  Write something up and send it to Stan. - Joe, AA8TA

August 2018


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The Prez’s Shack

Joe Fischer, AA8TA Here it is August already and the TV and newspapers are loaded with back-to-school ads.  Actually, TV seems to be loaded with political ads, which never seem to go away.  Must be a good business to be in. We have talked a lot about our station at the Red Cross that is available to members.  You might want to take a look because big changes are in the planning stages.  Due to issues that came up during the last two Field Day efforts, we have decided to try different dipole antennas arranged end-to-end.  Those will replace the horizontal loop and Zepp antennas we had. Grounding is going to be a big focus and changes inside and outside will be made to try to improve that.  Good grounding is sometimes forgotten and can be an important part of whether noise is a problem or not. With the changes being planned for an improved grounding situation, we will have to pull the inside tables away from the walls.  This seems like a good time to replace the tables with something more substantial that will not sag under the weight of the radios and other stuff placed on them.  Tim, NS8B, is already planning and gathering the materials for the new tables.  They should look great. We are going to need a lot of help to make all this happen so please watch the email reflector for announcements of work days and come out if you can.  Not everything is going to involve a lot of muscle so don’t worry about that. Besides all of that, there is the Columbus Hamfest, which will be over by the time you read this, and the Ohio QSO Party at the end of the month. And you thought August was going to be a sleepy month as we near the end of summer. See you at our August meeting: Wednesday, August 15, 7:30 p.m., Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road. 73, Joe, AA8TA