Take Me Away!

How about a remote Pacific island that sounds like something to eat? Banaba Island, in the Pacific Ocean, is a raised coral island in the middle of the sea.  It was first discovered by European Captain Jared Gardner in 1801. It was the home to people who struggled with drought and water problems, since the island itself has no natural streams.   For years, the Pacific Islands Company mined Phosphate and gave the people almost nothing.  Japanese forces occurpied during World War II. Most of the population was thereafter relocated to Fiji by the British. There are around 300 living there now. Why do we care?  How does “ T33A “ sound to you?  This is one of the “Most Wanted” remote locations in amateur radio. The team’s trip in 2013 resulted in 83,098 QSOs logged between 2013-11-05 23:11Z and 2013-11-17 05:57Z. Mounting a major Dxpedition is no small thing- and much of the responsibility falls on the treasurer. In this case, it was Grove City resident Cliff Hauser, KD6XH who operated with the team. Cliff is our guest for the DELARA February meeting (February 17th at the Red Cross). Cliff will bring photos, and lots of stories!  We have a lot of HF and DX operators in DELARA, so you’ll be interested in hearing the story from the ‘other side’.

February 2017


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The Prez’s Shack

On a recent Thursday, I rejoiced in being able to go outside and take a walk around my neighborhood with no ice and snow to contend with.  And I barely needed a jacket.  Twenty-four hours later, a layer of ice was covering everything, the wind was blowing and, eventually, about six inches of snow buried everything and shut down my neighborhood walks.  Today, the snow is gone again and I’m hoping it stays that way.  Such is weather in Ohio and the fun that January and February bring. Coming up: Buckeye Chuck and his weather forecast.  What will he say for the rest of winter? Coming up for us: Field Day planning.  Yes, it is time to begin dusting off and oiling up the DELARA Field Day Machine and get ready for another go.  We will have some planning meetings in the near future so if you would like to be a part of our planning, please let me know.  We always can use help the day, or a few days before, Field Day itself so please volunteer to help out then if you can. Some of you are aware of some big-time drama involving the recent board of directors meeting with the ARRL.  As you may know, our club is an affiliated and special services club with the ARRL.  In light of all the drama I wondered what are we getting out that affiliation?  Turns out: a lot.  I’m still researching and hope to present some things soon.  Stay tuned. Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 21, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road.  I should know what the topic is but the list is somewhere just out reach at the moment.  Regardless, please join us. 73, Joe, AA8TA and now this commercial break: Be a real part of our family! There’s great news! The annual dues were REDUCED to $20 per year, with additional family members at $2. Members have access to the DELARA ARC amateur station, and many other benefits. Easiest way to way is via PayPal right here:  Copy and paste this to your browser     http://www.k8es.org/pay%20my%20dues.htm