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Dr. Bob Dixon, W8ERD

The Problems An Indoor Antenna Can Cause Because of the weather, I cannot yet install any outdoor antennas at my new house. So I have a 2 meter twinlead J-Pole antenna hanging from the ceiling light fixture in my radio shack.   1. When I transmit, the water starts running in the automatic faucet in the kitchen sink, about 20 feet away.      My wife is not pleased with this, and after a few episodes, she turned it off permanently. Now we     just turn it on  when I am not operating.   2. The radio is powered from a big Astron 50 amp DC supply.  Nothing else is currently connected     to the supply.  I have the voltage set to 13.5 volts.  To my amazement, when I transmit, the     voltage goes UP to 15.0 volts.  If anything I would expect it to go down a little, although the big     power supply has a powerful regulator that should keep it constant. 3. I installed an external speaker for my shack computer.  When I transmit, it emits a very loud hum, so I     have to shut it off.   The antenna is right next to me when I operate, and I suppose the RF may not be doing me any good.   RF can cause strange problems. Here is a  video on how to “Easily Add a Channel on the BaoFeng Handheld Radio”  
Record Delay for QSL Card. I recently received a DX QSL card via the bureau from a station in Swaziland I contacted TWENTY EIGHT YEARS AGO !!! Cards often get delayed in the bureau but this one sets a new record. I wrote to the operator to ask him why it took so long. After all, I have just been waiting by the mailbox for all these years hoping the card would arrive. :) The card says KINGDOM OF SWAZILAND, so it must be rare. His nice response is below. Bob W8ERD PS -  Of course K8MP will love this and say it is even more evidence why hams should use the Log Book of the World, instead of QSL cards.
Hi Bob From a rather red-faced ZS6BRZ, I have to apologise for replying only now ! It seems that the card you received was part of a batch that was written out but never mailed during those years and was included in an assortment of cards sent out last year.  These were in a 'shopping bag' that had lain around and moved to the garage when we had a family function !  Our postal service is atrocious both for outgoing and incoming mail... but they are not to blame here.  Solely my own doing - but I trust it came to you as a pleasant surprise. Perhaps we will get to meet on the bands in due time again.  Looking forward to that! Very best 73 Sam  ZS6BRZ
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