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Operating notes: Cobra antenna without a tuner, working a

listener, make and model

- Dan Romanchik, KB6NU A couple of days ago, I worked Keith, KU1N and was pleased to hear that he was also using a Cobra antenna. When I asked him what kind of antenna tuner he was using, he said that he was using the internal antenna tuner in his Elecraft K3. He’s connecting the ladder line to a 4:1 balun, and then connecting the ouput of that to the K3. I was a bit surprised, but that’s really a testament to the design of the Elecraft antenna tuners. I know that the antenna tuner in my KX3 will tune an SWR of at least 10:1. So apparently, the impedance at the end of the ladder line is 2000 Ω or less on the frequencies that he’s using the antenna. It would be interesting to see which has the lower losses: my big, old Dentron Super Tuner or the tuner in KU1N’s K3. In any case, it was an interesting contact. And, as an added bonus, Keith mentioned at the end of the QSO that Another satisfied listener Yesterday, I made contact with a guy on 80m. After the first exchange, there was a fairly long pause before he came back the second time. When he did, the first thing he said was, “I knew your call sounded familiar. Thanks for your work on the ICQPodcast.” I guess the reason for the delay is that he must have been Googling me. He repeated that about three times during the course of his transmission. So much so, that when it was my turn again, I told him that if he had said that one more time that I was going to get a big head. I then thanked him for his kind words. What kills me is that he thought I was some kind of celebrity. I suppose I am, but in a very small way. (One of my friends calls me “ham famous.”) I think that all of the guys you hear on ham radio podcasts are just ordinary hams. We get on the air and make contacts just like anyone else. So, I told him that if he ever heard me calling CQ, to please return my call. We may be a little more widely-known than other hams, but that means nothing on the ham bands. We just want to make contacts like anyone else. Make and model Before I got my IC-7300, I used to send “RIG HR ICOM IC746PRO” when telling the other guy what kind of rig I was using. Now, I just send, “RIG HR IC7300.” I figure that with all the publicity it got a year and half ago, most operators will know about the radio. Over and above that, though, make and mode really is redundant information. Kenwood doesn’t make an FT-450D, nor does Elecraft make a TS-990. The model number serves to tell the other op what the make is as well as the model number. It never made sense to me to do that, but I went along as that seemed to be the common practice. I’ve stopped doing that now, and you probably can, too.
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