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  a couple scores from the trenches! I operated the PJ2T station in the Stew using our experimental remote capability, as I have been doing recently on other bands using my PJ2ND callsign. We have four of our club members who have been using it, working out the bugs. This will not be a 'pay-to-play' remote for general use: it will be restricted to just members of the Caribbean Contesting Consortium (CCC). At that end is an Elecraft K3 into an Inv-L for transmit and an 880-foot USA/JA Beverage for receive. Unfortunately, we do not have a way to switch receive antennas remotely (yet), so I was not able to use the 1000- foot Europe Beverage, which would have been very useful with the very nice Europe opening! As noted in my 3930 posting below, I operated using low power (100W). At my end I use an Elecraft K3/0. Good warmup for the CQWW 160 CW Contest in January! I'll be on-site at Signal Point PJ2T with Jim W8WTS for that one, as I have been for many years. QSLs for PJ2T, as always, to W3HNK or Logbook of the World (LOTW). 73, Jeff K8ND / PJ2ND ******* Stew Perry Topband Challenge Call: PJ2T Operator(s): K8ND Station: PJ2T Class: Single Op LP QTH: Curacao Operating Time (hrs): 12:40 Remote Operation Summary: Total: QSOs = 390 Total Score = 4,998 Club: Mad River Radio Club Comments: Topband contesting with low power is a new experience for me, and not one I'm likely to repeat. Ugh. Conditions were good, and the station performed well. Unfortunately, I was unable to use the 1000-foot Europe Beverage, so the several Europeans worked were "leaking" in on the 880-foot long USA/JA Beverage. Only the strong survived that trip! The rate crashed at around 0600Z, and it was a grind after that. No JAs, and a single lonely KH6. Several Europeans, some South and Central America, and just a few Caribbean stations were worked. Many USA. Few Canadians. Posted using 3830 Score Submittal Forms at:
Well the sun is up so I'm done. Had a good time though. Conditions were good and lots of contacts. I spent about 4 hours total mostly at my station. I did try a couple contacts from the ARC but the lag time was bad for some reason so I switched back to my home QTH. Talked to K8MP (always has a good signal).              SUMMARY SHEET             CREATED BY: AIO Version 10.86             START DATE: 12/30/2017          CALLSIGN USED: WD8KNC               CATEGORY: 160M                  POWER: Low                   MODE: CW       DEFAULT EXCHANGE: 5NN            GRID SQUARE: EN80      CATEGORY-ASSISTED: NON-ASSISTED   CATEGORY-DXPEDITION: FIXED      CATEGORY-OVERLAY: LOW          CATEGORY-TIME: CW           ARRL-Section: OH                   CLUB: DELARA CONTEST TEAM                CONTEST: STEW-PERRY      IOTA-ISLAND-NAME: ONE                   NAME: George Hafler                ADDRESS: 5502 Columbus Rd                ADDRESS: Centerburg OH 43011              OPERATORS: WD8KNC           TOTAL-POINTS: 1238             TOTAL-MULT: 1             CONTINENTS: 2            TOTAL-QSO's: 174          CLAIMED-SCORE:1238 Band     Mode      QSOs       Pts        Mult  Low Pwr Mult 160         CW        174          619        48          2                              ------        ------     ------     -------                              174          619         1      1238
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