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Oh my!  This is way more than a brush fire!

In almost any business, managers refer to a brief crisis as a brush fire.  A controversy within the membership of the ARRL quickly escalated with blow after blow to become a bona fide firestorm. And the focus of all the controversy is aimed right at the heart of the ARRL’s internal operations: the Board of Directors and officers of the organization.  It isn’t pretty. As Ohio Section Manager Scott Yonally, N8SY, observes- at least the membership has been galvanized as never before. It reached public attention with the revelation by a board member that new provisions designed to update the 501c3 operating conditions under Connecticut law had more stuff tagged in… including what most are interpreting as a “gag order” in which board members are specifically directed to support actions taken by the board and essentially not allowed to say anything critical against the action.  Well, this hasn’t gone over well especially with a censure of one member for either just or unjust reasons, depending on whether you’re on the outside or whether you’re a board member. If you are reading snippits about this, or if you’re new to the discussion, I highly recommend checking Dan Romanchick’s column this month. (Click here to jump) I have put together a string of short articles he’s written that pretty well describes what started the mess, and how it’s going.  There is a website/Facebook page that also details the situation:  actually has names, backgrounds, and even a telephone number to authenticate the material.  You need to read this. This situation has the potential to completely change the ARRL. It’s that big a deal. Through all of this, the perspective of none other than Hiram Percy Maxim from 1927 is worthy of considering: The Reason Why By Hiram Percy Maxim, President, A.R.R.L. QST for September, 1927 SITTING back in the old armchair, with the last issue of QST read from cover to cover and with everybody else in the house asleep hours ago, I ll to thinking of amateur radio to-day and amateur radio of other days. As the blue smoke curls slowly upward from the old pipe, visions of early .R.R.L. Directors’ Meetings float before me. I see those old-timers grappling with problems of organization, with QRM, with trunk-line traffic and rival amateur leagues. I see sinister commercial and government interests at work seeking to exterminate amateur radio. They were dark days, those early ones. To-day I see Amateur Radio an institution, recognized by our American government and on the road to recognitions by the other governments of the orld. I see a fine, loyal A.R.R.L. membership of 20,000 standing shoulder to shoulder and believing in each other and still blazing the way in radio brotherhood taking shape, in the form of our I.A.R.U. And as the last embers of the old pipe turn to grey ash, I ask how it all came about: that the A.R.R.L. should have succeeded and all its opponents ailed. The answer is clear. It is because with our opponents there was always some kind of a selfish motive to be served for someone, whereas in our A.R.R.L. we insisted from the beginning that no selfish motive for nybody or anything should ever prevail. Everything that A.R.R.L. undertakes must be 100% for the general good. That policy bred loyalty and confidence. With those two things an organization can prosper forever.
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