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Howdy from Joe’s Place!

Joe Papworth, K8MP Howdy from Frozen Joe’s Place! Happy New Year everyone! It's starting out like Ol' Man Winter wants to deal us another very cold one. Remember 2014? Brrrrrrrrrrr Winter wasn’t always an enemy. Back in the day, we used to go down to Huntington Beach on Lake Erie and crawl around in the ice caves that had been formed by the ice floes that had been jammed together by the waves. The next cold snap would freeze everything together, making it safe (apparently) to play in and on. We never knew there was a name for those ice caves. It's called Brash Ice. I just learned that from one of the links below. With all the talk about lake effect snow and the extremely low temps we’ve been enduring, I decided to do some snooping and found a couple interesting tidbits about Great Lakes ice. The first one is an animation showing ice coverage from 1973 through 2017. You will see that some years the lakes were almost 100% covered and others when there was very little ice. Those lightly iced years had to be bad lake-effect snow years. To refresh your memories, the lake-effect snow machine cranks up when cold air blows over the relatively warmer water in the lakes. It picks up the moisture and dumps it on shore. Ice covered lakes can’t do that. Here is a link to a 2014 article written aboard a US Coast Guard ice-breaking tug on Lake Erie. The author paints a good picture of what is was like and does so with a pretty good tongue-in-cheek manner. (He’s a writer after my own heart) Appropriately, he begins the article with the tug stranded in the ice with mechanical problems. us-coast-guard-on-the-frozen-great-lakes/Content?oid=3786055 Well, I gotta get this to Stan so I’m going QRT. I hope to see everyone at the party and the meeting. But if not, then next month…  At Joe’s Place.
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