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Will Hoffine,  N8HDM

Daeida “Ida” Hartell Wilcox Beveridge “Mother of Hollywood” Daeida Hartell was born in 1861 at Hicksville, Ohio in Defiance County. She attended a private school here and later public school in Canton, Ohio. On Dec. 6, 1882 she married Harvey Henderson Wilcox in Topeka KS, who was more than thirty years her senior. He had been a shoemaker but had become involved in politics and real estate. Originally from New York state, he had moved to Michigan, Ohio and Kansas. He contracted Polio at age 13 and used a wheelchair since. He was previously married to Ellen E. Young of Bryan, Ohio and they spent time in Santa Barbara, California “chasing the cure” for tuberculosis that she had contracted. She passed away in Topeka in 1882 at the age of 37. After Ida and Harvey married, they moved to Los Angeles in 1883 and had a son, Harry who died at age 18 months. To console themselves the would take buggy rides to the canyons west of Los Angeles. They purchased one of their favorite areas for $100 an acre. Harvey made a failed attempt at raising apricots and figs on the land. They decided to sell of lots at $1000 each and Ida named the tract “Hollywood” after a conversation with a fellow train passenger's estate near Chicago. Harvey continued in real estate until his death on March 19,1891 leaving an estate of $100,000. Three years later, at age 31, Ida married prominent Hollywood resident Philo J. Beveridge, a businessman and son of former Illinois Gov. John L. Beveridge. They had 4 children, two which would die while young. They continued to develop the area donating land for the city hall, churches and a theater. She built the first bank, post office and other civic buildings in the years before the film industry arrived in 1913. Daeida “Ida” Beveridge passed away of cancer on August 7, 1914. She was inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame in 1995. Re: Wikipedia Ohio History Connection and others
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