Field Day’s Finished, 2018

Btu the work continues! Just after the fourth of July, Tim (NS8B) noticed a couple of the wire antennas down in the grass at the ARC.  Dale, W8KTQ, quickly stopped by to re-mount the antennas. This comes in the midst of study and conversation about how to improve our multi-station operation at the Red Cross. Some of the pertinent discussion will be found on the “ARC Station” page in this issue. Look for a work day(s) coming up where we significantly improve the station! We can look a little further than our own back yard for interesting articles about Field Day!  Dan, KB6NU, has included a list of articles he found in a recent post: Amateur radio in the news: Field Day 2018 edition  Posted: 09 Jul 2018 06:36 AM PDT Here are some news stories from around the country about Field Day 2018. I don’t know if I’m just more connected this year, but there seemed to be more stories this year than in previous years. I think that the Public Information Officers around the country are doing a great job, though, of getting publicity for amateur radio. Radio Enthusiasts Gather for Field Day Local amateur radio enthusiasts gather for annual Field Day Orange Radio Club Holds Field Day Ham Radio Operators Demonstrate Their Skills Field Day demonstrates the critical need for emergency communication through amateur radio Amateur radio is alive and well in Pontotoc County

July 2018


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The Prez’s Shack

The Prez’s Shack It is the day after Field Day 2018 and I am recovering from the lack of sleep and all the activity over the last few days.  I noticed my drive home after Field Day was over was a little tricky from being so tired and it was many hours before the sound of Morse code left my head.  I took a shower and constantly stopped because I thought I heard a call sign. I guess we can talk about results and where we stand compared to others in the “4F” class but that will come another day.  However, we really need to say thanks to many members who did so much to plan and execute this year’s efforts.  It was a success this year seeing many people come out, some members, some not, to see what was going on.  Some people who do not operate much got the chance and, maybe, learned some things. Let me take this chance to go back in time just a few years – not long compared to many members’ experience in this group.  I came to a meeting at our old meeting place at the fire station on the east side and was warmly greeted by then president Joe, K8MP.  Over time, I quickly noticed that there were many members who I was awed by – they had done so much in ham radio and were much more experienced and capable that I ever will be. I dared not talk or approach these guys because I was not worthy.  I just missed the “Biblical Flood Field Day of 2015” but came to the 2016 version, the last one at Scioto Park.  I just stood around a bit then inserted myself into whatever small group that said “let’s go over there and do this thing.”  Doing that and then hanging around, simply being on the periphery, of various small groups and talking to them, I got the feeling that these are just regular people and they are, in fact, very approachable and will not bite your head off for having the temerity to talk to them.  It was a great experience. You can have that, too.  Do not be afraid to hang around a small group and ask questions or offer to pitch in.  Would you like to have a small group experience of your own?  Offer to set one up; it does not have to be big or formal.  Getting to know people in small settings is a fantastic way to find great friends.  You can start by coming to our next meeting, Wednesday, July 18, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills- Miller Rd. See you next time.  73, Joe, AA8TA