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Educational Outreach

Anthony Luscre, K8ZT Dayton HamventionⓇ Highlights This was my 36th (and my wife Linda, KA8ODP’s 35th) trip to the Dayton HamventionⓇ and as usual many things were changed and many things were the same. I think that has been the one constant of Hamvention over all these years. Also, if you ask 10 attendees you will probably get over 100 answers on what were the highlights this year. Some years my focus has been on buying a new highly  anticipated radio or gadget (like my Elecraft KX2) other years it is selling some of the surplus from my shack or other times meeting with people to handle things and work on projects. This year I was selling kits I had packaged for my KX 2nd Look project as seen in March CQ Magazine so I got a chance to chat with a very large number of attendees in the Flea Market. It’s always great chatting with old friends (many of you included) but it was also great to meet new hams, especially youngsters. The other two goals of my Dayton visit had to do with my role in Education Outreach for the section-- the Youth Forum and a chance to talk with ARRL staff involved in education. I can only describe the 8 Youth Forum speakers (ages 12 to 18) as both eloquent and inspiring! As for the ARRL, I got to chat with Tommy Gober and Matt Severin, two of the three ARRL Teacher Institute Instructors this year. I will be providing them a compilation of resources to share with the teacher attendees. I will also be glad to make this same compilation available for any other interested teachers, just drop me an email ( It contains lesson ideas for teachers to integrate radio principles into all areas of their curriculum, links and resources for students (Kid’s Radio Zone) and information to assist in starting a school radio club. I am aware, so far, of one Ohio Educator attending this year’s ARRL Teachers Institute, Ryan Huch, KE8IVY. Ryan is a principal at Bolich Middle in Cuyahoga Falls City Schools. If any other Ohio Educators are attending please contact me and let me know who you are. If you are planning a project with your local schools, involved in an on going project or interested in ideas to get youth involved in Amateur Radio I am always glad to hear from you and happy to provide any assistance I can, just drop me an email ( Also, I would love to share your activities in this space each month.

From the Public Information


John Ross, KD8IDJ WOW! It’s been a “unique” first five months of the year! I’ve written a couple of times from airplanes…on the ground and in the air. Now…this month…from VEGAS!!!! What happens here stays here…except me…I’ll be back after the holiday and start gearing up for the 2018 Newsletter Contest finale. Remember, just one more month to get your newsletters in…the deadline is the end of June. I’ve received a bunch on the past two weeks and I know this year’s contest will be more competitive than ever. If you haven’t sent your clubs letters yet…you’ll need to send two copies…from different months…either by snail mail or email. If you have an electronic newsletter…just send me the link. Good Luck to all! 2018 HAMVENTION MEMORIES Well, year number two of the new 2018 Hamvention is history…and again a great job and lots of good talk. Yes, there was rain…but a little mud didn’t seem to slow things down. Our Oho Section Booth was busy. I spent Saturday afternoon there and was able to talk to a lot of people and put some faces to names. Thanks! I made some great contacts locally and across the country. The new Hamvention continues to evolve and I’m sure next year will be bring more changes and opportunities…and the tradition will continue. There are some changes coming for PIO’s and PIC’s. ARRL has a committee looking at training opportunities, updating the current requirements. This all will be good. Media and public relations communications are changing almost every day. It’s a different landscape now and there are many new and effective ways to communicate. I’ll keep you up to date and I’m sure the ARRL will continue to outline their progress. A HAM RADIO HONEYMOON One of the best all-time ham radio stories was at the 2018 Hamvention when Dennis Moriarty (K8AGB) showed up at our booth to say hello. Dennis is a longtime member of the Canton Amateur Radio Club and we have talked many times via email and telephone so it was great meeting him in person. I’m not sure how we got on the subject but Dennis proceeded to tell me that after he was married in 1948 he took is bride to the Dayton Biltmore Hotel…for a honeymoon! Apparently the hamfest was on the “things to do list” for the weekend! As we talked about this break with tradition I suddenly realized that Dennis had invented the HAM-AMOON!!! Well, it all worked out and the bride…and the groom… spent their first hours of married life happy at the hamfest Flea Market! Maybe I’ll ask my XYL to repeat our vows next year and see if I can same deal that Dennis got! Congratulations Dennis…thanks for the inspiration! That’s it for now from the Desert Southwest. I’m headed out to take a look at a large tower installation that requires a motorized bike to access!!!