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One of the larger activities is in the books- the “New Moon” half-marathon runs through downtown Delaware. Canned Ham was again the operations vehicle for Fire, Police and amateur radio. We had a less-than-satisfying turnout of hams for this event, but it went off without a problem. -Stan, N8BHL July 29  will be the third year for Ironman in Delaware and we have had a great relationship with the organizers since well before their first event in 2016.  Working closely with the Marion ARES hams we have been able to provide start to finish communications which has been appreciated.  We will be working with the Marion group again and they will support the event from near the beach at Delaware Lake through Marion County and back to the Delaware County line.  Delaware hams will pick up the last of the 56 mile bike ride through northern Delaware County, through downtown and the half-marathon south of town. For our part we need only 10 hams who don't all have to be members of ARES, but it would be nice if you would become a member.  So, mark you calendars - July 29 Ironman Delaware - and plan to join in.  We might even score a free t-shirt for you and some food too.  - Donn K8AOK
Reminder: Statewide tornado drill September 5

Ohio ARES 

Stan Broadway, N8BHL

Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator

When it gets ~real~. I have worked on the FEMA Region V “Auxcomm workgroup” for several years helping to represent Ohio interest in the multi-state area. We have a great working relationship with hams in our neighboring states.  As 1my schedule permitted, I was able to sit in on the three-day intensified Auxcomm class staged prior to the Hamvention.  Our three instructors were excellent, and perhaps the high point for me was that Puerto Rico’s Section Manager Oscar Resto, KP4RF, was another student in the class. His insight and detailed report on what ~really~ happened was of great interest, not only to me as SEC but as a Control Operator for the Hurricane Watch Net.  We talked with Oscar and with Virgin Island SM Fred Kleber, K9VV (also at Hamvention), during the hurricane events.  Their stories, as well as the report from George Riedel, N1EZZ at the Ohio ARES Conference, were galvanizing motivation to stay ready at all times!  Oscar discussed how 131 hams in PR were the COMPLETE communications provision for six weeks (at least) following the storm.  Could we be up to that kind of challenge?    Fred Kleber, K9VV (left) and Oscar Resto, KP4RF Get ready to hear that title, “Auxcomm”, more frequently.  Perhaps because of a history of turf-fights and personalities among the various volunteer communication groups (ARES, RACES, MARS, CB, etc.) the move now is to consolidate all into one larger body. This makes sense to me, since our goals are the same: serve our communities when we’re needed.  This will also help to standardize training across all platforms. The importance of reliable communication has always been understood, yet over and over the number one problem in large-scale exercises and disasters is the inability to communicate. If you remember your NIMS, we in amateur radio currently fit under several layers as a ‘resource’.  There’s a move underway (revisions are pending—but we have to remember we’re working at govvmint speed) that would place communications in its own segment, right up there with Operations and the other big players. I haven’t heard anyone who objects to this, so it’ll be a matter of time when we see if that is actually invoked. It, of course, changes the core of how ICS and NIMS are structured.  I hope they see the wisdom and move this through rapidly. We’re moving forward with the ARRL’s volunteer management system, as one of the four BETA test sections.  We have been able to raise some questions and help streamline the system. Our Ohio county organizations should be in the system now, and we’ll be getting word out to our county EC’s to register. You will be able to follow a format in Excel to enter your members in bulk to get started. More instructions will be available. I hope you stay active this summer!  What will kill us off is lethargy!  I do value your years of service, but we MUST stay alert, stay trained, and most of all stay active if we are to continue to serve our communities properly!!  Get out and participate in your local activities – it’s fun, it’s a service, and it’s practice.