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Yaesu and Kenwood at Dayton - yawn

Kenwood and Yaesu both introduced new products at Dayton, but neither of them has created much of a stir. Both seem to be aimed at competing with the ICOM IC-7610, as they both have big panadapter displays. But, while the Yaesu FTDX101D is being touted as an SDR, the Kenwood TS-890S is not an SDR at all. Both are vaporware (as K9ZW puts it) at this point. No prices were announced, nor was availability. Here’s what Yaesu is saying about their radio:   Yaesu FTDX101D Yaesu is excited to introduce a new High-Class HF/50MHz 100W Transceiver – FTDX101D and the first sample will be seen at Dayton Hamvention 2018. This information and the sample showed at Dayton are only the preliminary introduction, and any detailed information such as pricing and date of release is to be announced at a later date. The new FTDX101D is utilizing the latest SDR Technology and classified as our High-End HF line, the FTDX series, which amateurs have come to know represents quality. A few of the remarkable features of the new FTDX101D are: YAESU High-Class HF/ 50MHz 100W Transceiver SDR Technology and Waterfall Display Large Touch Panel precision color display Active Band Monitor enables rapid band changes with LED illumination of the operating band Independent control of the Main and Sub Bands allows effortless operation for the serious contester needing to move quickly between the amateur bands High-Q VC Tuning Front-End Main tuning dial for Main and Sub Band frequency control includes an Outer Dial for clarifier, VC tuning, fine tuning or custom settings.” Kenwood TS-890S The Kenwood, on the other hand, isn’t an SDR rig at all. Here’s what a bare-bones data sheet had to say about the radio: Full Down Conversion RX H-mode Mixer High C/N 1st LO Built-in Roofing Filters 500Hz / 2.7kHz / 6kHz / 15kHz (270Hz Optional) 7 Inch Color TFT Display Roofing Frequency Sampling Band Scope Auto Scroll Mode Multi Information System I’m no expert, of course, but these don’t seem like very exciting products to me. I don’t think that either of them are likely to get the ICOM, Elecraft, and Flex fanboys (I’m an ICOM fanboy, btw) to switch. One thing that the Yaesu has going for it is that it covers the 4m band. That’s not a big deal here in the states, but my European ICQPodcast colleagues seemed to BE excited about this feature. -Dan, KB6NU