Let the Games Begin!

Let’s be really imaginative and consider DELARA’s own “olympic event” - that would have to be Field Day! Over the many years this club has been in business, Field Day has always been the biggest and most celebrated event. From the days of the water tower to the many years at Scioto Park, and now to the air-conditioned luxury of the Red Cross our Field Day has encompassed several important facets of amateur radio! First, and most important, is the fellowship and food!  Chef Tim has hog roasting to a science, allowing us all to enjoy the annual Saturday evening feasts. It’s most important for us all to enjoy each others’ company and catch up as a ham radio family! Second, is the ability to set up radio stations that would serve our communities in times of emergency or disaster. That might come from floods, snow, or any number of other possibilities. But when it does come, we’ll have the skill and the equipment at the ready…thanks to our Field Day efforts. Third, is the opportunity for YOU to operate!  Restricted station at home? Not active on the air?  Interested in the new digital modes? Just want to get on the radio for a few contacts?  WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU!!  Your Field Day planners try hard to melt the fellowship and fun operating aspect with the tradition we’ve established as a high-scoring endeavor. Sure, we want to score well, but that definitely does NOT mean we onyl want die-hard contesters to operate. This is for YOU! Our March meeting will be the first planning meeting for this year’s action. We hope to see YOU there - we need your ideas and contribution to make it a success.

March 2017


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The Olympic Edition

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The Chairman  AA8TA

It’s almost here: March 20, 16:15 UTC (12:15 EDT).  Of course, you know that this date is when the Earth’s equatorial plane crosses the ecliptic.  Perhaps you know this event better as the Vernal Equinox.  In other words, the point at which the amount of daylight starts to exceed that of nighttime.  That last definition is not quite so accurate because of various factors, but we celebrate surviving another winter, nonetheless. What we do not celebrate so much is the nasty weather that can accompany this transition. Big thunderboomers and threats of tornadoes can make for some anxious moments.  There have been a few times that I have listened to first-hand reports on the Severe Weather Net of threatening weather heading towards my house and wondered if we should get down to the basement.  Once, we actually did.  Thankfully, no damage occurred in our neighborhood. All this points out the need to be aware of threatening weather, knowing how to stay on top of what is happening and knowing what to do if a weather danger is imminent.  Keeping our antennas and radios safe from winds and lightning is important but it is more important to protect our lives and those of our loved ones.  Please be careful. Coming up: our March meeting.  March 21, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road.  Please join us.  Bring a family member, bring a friend, we welcome everyone.  Watch the email list for other events, including weather training. See you there, 73, Joe, AA8TA