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A Quick Look at Another Sport

The Olympics weren’t the only massive sporting event. Here in Columbus the Arnold again brought thousands of competitors to Columbus. It also brought a lot of hams to communicate as part of the medical teams. Several DELARANS went downtown. One, Wally W8WLK, came away with a battle scar of sorts. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how my clipboard got broken...and then I remembered. After attending to an injured player at the hand ball courts the med tech and I were headed back to the med table which was on the other side of a goal. There was a game in progress so we had to wait. A player somehow miss mistook me for the goal and threw a hand ball that I could not dodge. All I could do was twist a little and I took the hit in the thigh...and it didn't even hurt. It hit the pocket the clipboard was in. No Score There was a huge amount of venues this year and I got to attend my share. To name a few, Highland Games (big guys in skirts throwing things), Spartan (think Ninja Warrior), Hand Ball, Arm Wrestling and hey...someone had to do it...Women's Bikini Fitness (pictures by request). I figure we were there in case one of the girls fell off a high heel or broke a nail. Long hours, plenty of excitement, great food, good friends and plenty of radio :-) Is this hobby great or what! - Wally,  W8WLK

A New Spectrum Analyzer

Folks,   I've been playing with a  program that I would like some feedback on. It is a  combination Spectrum Analyzer and CW Decoder. Please install  the program and let me know if you have any problems.  The urls are HTTP:// for XP and for Windows 7,8,10

New Fusion Facebook Group

In order to better communicate things about the Yaesu C4FM digital repeater network here in Ohio I created the following Facebook Group. Ohio Link is currently available via the following rooms: Wires-X : Ohio-Lnk YSF : Ohio-Link BM : TG31399 Frequency Callsign City County 443.0626+ KD8FJH Stoutsville Fairfield 443.5500+ KE8O Delaware Delaware 444.1000+ WB8MMR Columbus Franklin Repeaters in Chillicothe and Lancaster will be joining soon.

A DMR Group for Delaware

As far as DMR on the 443.550. The repeater is now linked to the Brandmister Network and has its own Talkgroup 31399. So anyone using a DMR hotspot or connected to another DRM repeater is able to connect to TG 31399 and will be bridged into the Central-Ohio-Lnk Wires-X room. In order to connect directly to the local 443.550 digitally it still requires a Yaesu C4FM radio. But you can now connect to the Marion or Mt. Vernon DMR repeater and switch to TG 31399 to talk to the Wires-X room / C4FM repeater across town. :-) - Gary, KE8O