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  Some comments after the competition I had a lot of distractions and put in just a little over 5 hours.  I don’t think any exciting DX was found.  Seemed like today was subdued compared to Friday and yesterday.  Lots of US callers but I don’t know if they were getting many takers.  I know I was not.  Can’t say it was the most fun contest I’ve done recently.  Low power and low, small antennas are not great for a DX contest during the Sun’s sleepy period. One guy sent ’T’ for his power; I had to question him, I didn’t know what to make of that.  He sent it again so into the log he went.  I heard him pretty well for him transmitting 0 watts.         Club/Team : DELARA Contest Team         Band     QSOs     Pts  Cty  Pt/Q            7      64     192   38   3.0           14      51     153   36   3.0           21      20      60   14   3.0        Total     135     405   88   3.0             Score : 35,640  TU es 73 de Joe AA8TA You know the joke about searching to the end of the internet well I S&P'd to the end of the ARRL DX Contest. I was running 1000 watts on a loop antenna. At the beginning I thought WOW i'm going to average 70 or more an hour. Well as the contest continued of course that average began to drop. By Sunday afternoon I could S&P for an hour and only come up with a couple of stations that I hadn't worked. I was running two clusters, one from an external source and my own CW Skimmer Server. I think Larry was the only one from the club that also used it. When I called CQ I got no answers. I believe there were only 463 DX stations in the contest HI HI. All in all I had a great time.               SUMMARY SHEET           TOTAL-POINTS:  399             TOTAL-MULT: 69             CONTINENTS: 5            TOTAL-QSO's: 463          CLAIMED-SCORE: 27531 Band     Mode                TOTAL-POINTS: 1362             TOTAL-MULT: 141             CONTINENTS: 5            TOTAL-QSO's: 463          CLAIMED-SCORE: 93978 Band     Mode      QSOs       Pts        Mult 40        CW             90        264         40       80        CW              4           12           3        20        CW          339         999        79       15        CW            30           87        19                                 ------        ------     ------                             463      1362       141 George WD8KNC I don’t have my logs here to check, but there is a discussion on the contesting reflector about this.  They are saying that is was PR ops protesting the slow progress in restoring power after last summer’s hurricanes.  If that is true, it went over my head. I don’t think about politics in middle of a contests. 73, Joe, AA8TA                  ARRLDXCW Summary Sheet        Start Date : 2018-02-17     CallSign Used : N9AUG       Operator(s) : N9AUG Operator Category : SINGLE-OP Assisted Category : ASSISTED              Band : ALL             Power : LOW              Mode : CW  D      ARRL Section : OH         Club/Team : Delara Contest Team          Software : N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7013.0         Band     QSOs     Pts  Cty  Pt/Q          1.8      21      63   15   3.0          3.5      30      90   23   3.0            7      69     207   50   3.0           14     282     846   74   3.0           21      37     111   27   3.0        Total     439    1317  189   3.0             Score : 248,913  : I really need to get my G5RV back up..  I worked 40 and 80 with my 160 meter Inverted L. I called CQ on Sunday morning on 20 Meters and was getting pileups.  It was fun while it lasted. I operated for a total of 14 hours. Larry, N9AUG (You may know our Joe MP jumped ship to work with a ~brand X~ team: K8AZ's totals:  Band  QSOs  Mults -------------------   160:  117    54    80:  468    86    40: 1316   108    20: 1629   121    15:  219    71    10:   48    26 ------------------- Total: 3797   466  Total Score = 5,250,888 In other news:   The 2018 Contest University course outline is available on the Contest University website. Many 'Professors Emeritii' will be returning this year to present, and one new session that caught my eye is "Utilizing Digital Modes FT8 and MSK144 for Competitive Advantage in VHF Contests" to be presented by W5ZN. Contest University will be held May 17, 2018, from 7:00am to 5:00pm, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dayton, Ohio. A number of ham radio related interest groups previously hosted on Yahoo are moving or have moved to other services. If you can't find your favorite group, or notice that the activity seems less than you recall, check some of the other popular services such as Groups.IO, Google Groups, or even more traditional email reflectors like For example, the support group for N1MM Logger+ started moving to Groups.IO on February 27. If you are using N1MM Logger+ in one of the upcoming RTTY Contests, make sure you're using version 1.0.7099 or later. An issue was fixed recently that may affect serial number incrementing. Dick, W7WKR, suggests that Rudy, N6LF's website be referenced for radial systems for vertical antennas. "He presents a six chapter study of vertical antenna designs with a strong focus on MF and LF (630 and 2200 meter bands.)" The wireless transfer of power is currently in vogue for powering or charging items that vary in size from cellular telephones to electric cars. At least one company has obtained temporary authorization to use radio spectrum to test its technology, and Amateurs should be suitably wary of any technology that has the potential to put thousands of watts of RF near or on the ham bands. There are other technologies that are also being pursued in the quest to eliminate the charging cable such as this one by Disney Research where the test setup is akin to placing a medium-wave loop antenna inside of a Faraday cage containing the devices to be charged. And then using around 2 kW of RF with radiator currents up to 140 Amperes. Dave, NK7Z, has added a second chapter on finding and identifying RFI sources using SDRs to his website: "RFI Site Survey - Part II, Interpretation." Dave discusses his setup, and provides real-world examples of certain types of signals that can be found, including over-the-horizon RADAR, switching power supplies, etc. (Jim, K9YC, via RFI mailing list) Faraday cages block electric fields, and are considered a good way to reduce the thread of electronic eavesdropping. But they don't shield against magnetic fields and in a recent paper researchers describe how an adversary could use regular computer hardware and special software inside a Faraday cage to transmit information via magnetic fields to a receiver located outside the cage.
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