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Field Day planning has commenced for 2018 - we have a report on the “Field Day” page detailing our preliminary approach. An important aspect of operating any multi-transmitter station such as ours is RFI- interfering with other stations. In the case of VHF activity, such as during an event or emergency, it’s important to remember that since our antennas are so close, one station transmitting on a repeater will most probably ‘blank out’ any other station during that transmission.  Separating antennas, both by height and distance, can help but our installation is pretty much set. The best advice is during multi-station VHF operation, operators need to be aware of their counterpart’s traffic… in other words, listen.  If your partner has just asked a station for information, you might hold off your transmitting until that’s been received. Working in partnership is the best way to accomplish the operation. HF operation with multiple transmitters can be an entirely different dragon to slay.  We have a number of HF antennas, most of which do not interact with other stations not on the same band. At least, our field Day operation was fairly efficient. the exception seems to be the long Delta Loop, which so far has seemed to radiate into ALL other stations. Last year, we opted not to use the loop so other antennas and stations could function.  We’re working on possible remedies to this (cost effective and relatively simple). Our antenna systems include: Extended double-zepp (essentially an Inverted V) Trapped 40-80 dipole Ground mounted 80-10 vertical 40 meter dipole Triband beam If you have ideas or suggestions for additional antennas please let us know! Check out our special article by Al Valentino, K8RBJ, on chasing RFI!
DELARA Club Station Agreement Use of the club station is limited to DELARA members who are current on their dues. If in doubt, ask!  The station manager’s names and phone numbers are posted on the station door. There is a lock box on the outside of the building to get a key to unlock the outside door and a keypad lock for the station door.  The keypad code will be changed periodically. Please be aware that a camera records people coming into or out of the station.  This is for security and is not designed to monitor your operating. Please attend an orientation session, or ask for a demonstration, before operating at the station. Codes for the doors are not to be shared with friends, family members or other non-DELARA members. Please announce your intention to use the station via the club’s email reflector so that others March plan around your intention. Operation of the stations must be within the bounds of your license. Please be extremely careful with drinks or food; food should be kept in the kitchen.  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess. Please be aware that the Red Cross owns the building has much property in the building and respect for their property is expected. Most of all:  PLEASE USE THE STATION!! IT’S THERE FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS!