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March - planning begins!

The Field Day planning team has met a couple of times now, and we’re reasonably ready to present our preliminary plan at the DELARA March meeting (March 21).  We’re still very flexible at this point, because a lot of our success will depend on YOU! Remember the goals, and the goals are in this order: 1. Fellowship and fun (with GREAT food!) operating radios 2. Practice operating a communications post that would work during an emergency or disaster. 3. Place respectably in our category and across the board We have tentatively agreed to try 4-F again.  This is Dependant on a couple things. First, and most important, is that we have tested to make sure our noise demons aren’t present again. Second, it requires people to operate the stations. It’s hard to explain, because we ~want~ to put up a high score! However, Field Day is NOT a typical radio contest. We DON’T need people to run a thousand contacts per minute! Just operation at a leisurely pace is absolutely fine!  So it’s an opportunity for you to come and work the radios. We have a GOTA (Get On The Air) station where Bob and others will sit with you and give you a chance to operate a new computerized FLEX radio. And you can stop at ANY of the stations for a chance to sit in and operate!  We want to emphasize this is a fun event!  At our meeting, we talked mostly about antennas. The large loop over the parking lot was a big problem, it got into all the stations. We hope to try some common mode chokes to allow less interference. We developed a couple alternatives to antennas and placement as well. Because we’re operation in the “EOC” category, we are not limited to mounting stations and antennas on that weekend. So we can get together beforehand and try out some combinations.  And we can make sure that noise that clobbered us last year is gone. Now- as for people,  we need some of you to step up! The world-class GOTA station will feature a new FLEX radio (Tim) and Bob with others will be there to guide guests and operators through the technology.  The station can be used for CW, SSB and PSK-31 as well. The 40/15 phone station will again be captained by Stan and Donn.  Icom 7300 / IC- 706- Stan Because they are in the existing room, the CW stations will be co-captained by Joe (TA) and Joe (MP) with plenty of help. (Yaesu FT-950/ TS-590- Dale) Craig (our major pointer-getterer) will still be participating but he would like to turn the reigns over to someone else… so we need a captain for the 20/80 phone station *the Dumpster Crew*.   We will have the station and facility, but we need two anchor operators to manage the station.  (Elekraft  K-3- Dale) We’re depending on Paul (OPW) and the other Paul along with Dave CWJ for 6/2/satellite/battery-natural power operation We need computer networking (John B, George H, ??) to make sure we have that fancy centralized scoring and display as last year. Mostly we need YOU!!  This is not a “contest team” endeavor- it’s for ALL of us!  So don’t be shy, don’t worry about speed and pressure, just come and have some fun.  One need for operators is overnight hours (where operating is slower paced). We hope to see you at our March meeting (the traditional Field Day planner). Bring your suggestions and ideas!  Even if you can’t make Field Day, it’ll be fun to watch the progress!
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