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The Most Pointless Artlcle Ever Written

Yuck!  We approach that semi-annual burden of adjusting our clocks because of this stupid thing called Daylight Saving Time.  This abomination was foisted on us by [Editor’s Note: we shall take a temporary pause while the author goes on an unhinged political rant.  Feel free to obtain a refreshing beverage and a snack and, hopefully, the author will be done with his bloviating when you return.]  I’m sure you agree with my thoughts. If you ask me [Editor’s Note: nobody is], we should stay on Standard Time year-round.  Outside astronomy is a lot easier when it gets darker earlier.  Not that it ever gets dark here with all the shopping centers in this area popping up like weeds.  There is also a little contest that I really like to enter that starts at 0300, Thursday, UTC.  That is 11 freaking o’clock at night between March and October and that makes it awfully hard when I have to get up before 6:00 the next morning!  [Editor’s Note: awww, poor baby!  Here, have a cookie.] But I did not intend to write about Daylight Saving Time. [Editor’s Note: ergo the title of this disjointed screed.]  In my car, the little clock has two buttons: one to advance the time and the other to move the time back.  Changing the time in my car is easy even before I have had my coffee. After my dear sweetie got her vehicle, which is a few years newer than mine, it came time to change the clock in her mode of transportation and she asked me to assist.  I believe it was at least 30 minutes later when we emerged and that did not include the addition or subtraction of time on her chronometer which would have made our elapsed time either +90 or -30 minutes.  That reminds me of a limerick: [Editor’s Note: inappropriate content redacted.]  That was pretty funny, wasn’t it?  Now that we have adjusted her clock a few hundred times [Editor’s Note: an egregious exaggeration – no vehicle with an electronic clock could be that old.] it does not take nearly that long to do. A member of my extended family bought a new vehicle and was confounded when he slipped behind the wheel.  The vehicle helpfully included a DVD to teach the new, clueless owner how to drive it.  Lo the many times that I used to travel and showed up at some random airport, grabbed the keys to some random car, got in, started it up and drove off.  I can’t imagine having to spend 45 minutes watching a video before I could be on my way.  If I’m going to spend 45 minutes watching a video, it better be about [Editor’s Note: more inappropriate content redacted.]  After having arrived at 10:00 p.m. I could have just managed to start the engine on these modern cars by the time of my 8:00 a.m. meeting. We now have cars and SUVs and so forth that are loaded with touch-screen controls and voice-actuated systems.  There was an amusing article I read about a guy’s adventure with a rental car and trying to tune the radio to a station for a traffic report.  The radio had no manual controls and the guy could not find the right words to make the radio do a scan. Other things I have read is that people are frustrated with all this voice actuated stuff, some that cannot recognize a Scottish accent or a woman’s voice.  I see many people like to take their little Fluffy with them when they drive someplace and the doggies sometimes like to put their paws up on the steering wheel which just happens to have a bunch of controls for various things.  Must be fun when that happens. So, I’m an engineer and technology is great for me.  But, it does have limits.  When all I want to do is go from Point A to Point B, I don’t want to touch a screen all over the place or talk to a dumb computer.  If I’m going to touch something all over, [Editor’s Note: oops, very inappropriate content redacted.].  I don’t even talk to Siri on my iPhone; I think she is a little miffed.  Oh well, I have never seen what she even looks like. I just thought of something else related to this Daylight Saving Time business.  [Editor’s Note: oh, gee, we’re all out of space.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a nice day.] Grrr
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