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IMPORTANT!  SEVERE WEATHER TRAINING SET 2018 Weather Spotter Course - Delaware Co. EMA Classes are free and open to the public, seating is limited to the first 80 people. Each class lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours and is led by a National Weather Service meteorologist who will discuss techniques and safety for severe weather spotting. Class location: Delaware County Board of Developmental Disabilities, East Wing Community Room 165 ** Use building entrance in the back marked EAST ** Address: 7991 Columbus Pike (US 23), Lewis Center, OH 43035.

Winlink Explained

Winlink is THE standard program form sending email via amateur radio. A good article describing it just appeared, written by K8JTK, who is the Ohio Technical Coordinator. See communications-in-amateur-radio/ This article describes how you can send email around the country. - Bob W8ERD You’ll be hearing more about Winlink - our own Larry Howell, AC8YE, has completed testing the WPO server operating on the DELARES MESH network, and on a VLAN connection to a central post office (CMS) on the Internet. Next step is to work up a VHF simplex connection for email from the field.  So we aren’t far from having our own Delaware County access point for Winlink! This is major- since all emergency comms into and out from the Caribbean after the hurricanes were via Winlink.

Mobile HF?  Try for DXCC!

ARRL has announced a Mobile DXCC Operating Award, available to radio amateurs who have contacted at least 100 DXCC entities from a working vehicle, with antennas and power source capable of operating while in motion. ARRL Radiosport Manager Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, advised those pursuing the award to put safety first. "Distracted driving is a serious concern, so we hope all mobile operators exercise care when operating from a moving vehicle," he said. Full, official details are on the Mobile DXCC Operating Award page. The Mobile DXCC is a one-time award and is non-endorsable. Contacts made any time in the past do count toward the aware. QSLs are required, but you do not need to submit them. Mobile stations may use any power that is legal in the entity from which they are operating. This award specifically excludes contacts made by aeronautical or maritime mobile stations. You do not have to be an ARRL member to qualify for this award. Because this award is similar to the QRP DXCC Operating Award, ARRL has redesigned the QRP DXCC Certificate so that the two awards complement one another. Operators who hold the QRP DXCC award may apply for the new- style certificate with the original date of issue printed on the certificate, but you do not have to re-submit QSL cards or a log. All certificates are $16.