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Dr. Bob

Bob Dixon, W8ERD Some of you may recall an April spoof Newsletter article from 4 years ago that described a DX-pedition to Ganglion Island. This island is actually in the Scioto river, and it might be fun to have a real DELARA DX-pedition to this island for the Ohio QSO Party, next Aug 25.  We could also play it up for the Worked All Delaware County award, which nobody has ever won. The island is easily reachable via canoe or rowboat, so long as there has not been a recent heavy rain.  It may also be reachable by walking from the shore; I don’t know how deep the water is, but I suspect it is shallow.  A Zipline might also be possible but I have ruled that out. I have scouted it out from the shore as best I can from my car (there is no parking there).  The only possible danger is from the rumored Snoligoster that reportedly lurks just beneath the surface of the water.   We will be safe from any Snoligoster attacks that occur during this expedition because they will be fended off by Craig W8CR with a wouff-hong.   We can apply for a special call sign. What do you suggest? For equipment, we can use one of the small HF radios now available, plus a VHF radio and a battery or small generator. If necessary we could string a power cable from a generator on shore, to the island.  There is one tree on the island, which would be fine for holding up the center of an all-band dipole. And OF COURSE we must have a real boat anchor sitting next to the radio just for comic effect. Do you have any access to any small boats that we could use? Would you like to join this expedition? The next step would be to launch an exploratory voyage to the island, so we can plan the route, assess the radio and antenna situation on the island etc.   Are you game?