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Joe’s Place - Joe Papworth, K8MP Joe has a knack to capture a moment in time, a season, an activity or just a feeling. He skillfully puts that together in a place we can all visit- he calls it “Joe’s Place”.  He is such a prolific writer that he’s published a book called “Joe’s Place.”  Joe is a contester, a cw guy, and a very active ham. Joe is also President of DELARA for 2015, so the regular “President’s Column” is now part of Joe’s Place! Read here!
Craig Miller, W8CR A true master of whimsy, wit and observation, Craig’s routinely deals with events in his life and turns them into excellent reading for the rest of us!  Craig tosses a wide range of topics at us and each one is well worth the read!  Be careful while reading, articles have been reported to cause a ‘snort’ or two!
Bob Dixon, W8ERD Dr. Bob is a prolific writer and an expert in many fields. He shares his lifelong hobby with us both in writing and in life. Bob is the recipient of the 2013 ARRL Technical Service Award. That his license plates say, “SETI” is no accident. His writing ranges from a study of EMP to a white-knuckle ride down an Olympic luge track.

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One of the best things about DELARA is our members! And one of the best things about this group of members is their ability to take us places both real and imagined, teach us things, and keep us in touch with DELARA....and our slightly warped sense of reality! From riding the Luge to staring Tesla in the eye, these are our creative writeres! Click on the button below to read their article, or pick it from the menu above
Wally Kenyon, W8WLK For some reason, Wally’s aircraft column has struck a chord with our readers!  These are great stories- some of which start out, “It was a dark and stormy night.” They’re fun reading. Buckle in and take the co-pilot seat!
Dan Romanchik, KB6NU Dan Romanchik’s radio blog is the number one ham radio blog on Google. He is an Ann Arbor resident, writes several blogs, works in graphic design, authored the “No-Nonsense Amateur Radio License Guides” and makes his writing available to newsletters like ours. We’re glad to have his expertise and perspective. 
Will Hoffine,  N8TQU It’s said that those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it. Will has a great interest in history- here in Ohio and elsewhere. We can learn from it, but as it turns out Will’s history is darned entertaining!  
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Joe Fischer,  W8JPF Joe Fisher is a very active ham in DELARA, and he steps out with some creative ideas!  Joe’s quiet demeanor can mask a high level of teechnical ability. Joe’s interest in the hobby varies across a wide array of subjects- each an interesting read and something from which we can learn a thing or two.
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