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Contests and Dayton

Tim, K3LR, reminds us that the Contest Super Suite website has a guide to many of the contest-related activities occurring around Hamvention, including activities in Dayton and Xenia. The Contest Super Suite is a nightly gathering of contesters at the Dayton Crowne Plaza Hotel, hosted by the Mad River Radio Club (MRRC), Frankford Radio Club (FRC) and the North Coast Contesters (NCC). Pizza and wings are the customary party fare, sponsored variously by Dayton Contest University, the Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC), Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC), and the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (YCCC). This year, Friday is the night for music at the Crowne Plaza. The 2018 Mid-Atlantic States VHF Conference will be held September 28 through 30, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Bensalem-Philadelphia. Sponsored by the Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club Packrats, this event will feature tabletop selling, papers and presentations, technical testing room, banquet, door prizes, outdoor mini- tailgate flea market, and hospitality suites. Papers and presentations on any topic related to VHF and above are encouraged. Past conferences have included contesting-related presentations on roving, station automation, and contest strategies. Contact Rick, K1DS, to submit your topic or title. Online and mail registration will start in the latter part of May. If you are making hotel reservations, be sure to mention "VHF Conference" to get the special rate. DX Engineering is now the exclusive North American retailer for OptiBeam antennas. With a number of models in stock, DX Engineering is taking orders for the entire range of HF antennas, including monoband and multiband models covering 80 through 10 meters. In April 2018, Tom, N1MM, presented to the Yankee Clipper Contest Club on the topic of "A $200 Panadapter." He's made his presentation available to everyone on the N1MM website. Tom uses an Airspy HF+ SDR receiver with SDR Console software to show how band information can be displayed inside an N1MM Logger+ window, with or without call sign information. Sometimes it's not enough to go to Dayton just one time a year. Find out what autumn in Dayton is like while attending the Microwave Update 2018 conference there on October 11 - 14, 2018. It's typical for microwave rover stations to attend this event, and for the conference to contain material related to contesting on the microwave bands. If you'd like to be a presenter, abstracts and draft presentations are due by August 25, 2018, with final materials due on September 1. If you'd like to learn Morse Code and you have an Amazon Echo device, you can install the Continuous Wave Alexa skill by Joe, N3HEE, to help you along. According to KB6NU, who described the skill on his blog, the current version is limited to 20 words per minute but is still entertaining. (KB6NU) The Dayton VHF Dinner is being organized by Kim, WG8S, on Friday, May 18, at the DoubleTree Suites in Miamisburg, OH. Kim encourages anyone interested in activities at 50 MHz and above, including microwave, EME, and CW/SSB, to attend. See the announcement on the VHF Contesting reflector for more information. "Warranty void if sticker removed!" - Don't believe it. Those stickers appear more and more frequently on new electronic devices. The FTC recently reminded a number of companies that the use of third-party repair services or parts does NOT affect warranty rights, and that such warnings may be in violation of the law. Peter, HS0ZKX, writes: "I regret to inform the ham community of the passing of Bob Kupps, HS0ZIA/N6BK, an avid contester, who was in the process of building a world-class contest station in Chiang Mai, Thailand." (Peter, HS0ZKX) "Pepe, XE2MX, who contested from Ensenada Baja, California for many years is now SK." Dennis, N6KI, can accept and forward condolences at his address to pass on to his family. (Dennis, N6KI) WORD TO THE WISE Galvanic Corrosion When two dissimilar metals are in contact, corrosion may occur due to differing electrode potentials of the metals. Metals are ranked according to their electrode potentials, the more "negative" of two metals will usually be the one to be corroded, if smaller in area than the more "positive." Radio towers and antennas are usually constructed of metal, and care must be taken when using fasteners, clamps, and hardware to ensure compatibility between metals that are in direct contact. The environment also has a large influence on corrosion -- for example moist versus wet, and fresh versus salt water. ARRL's website has an article on galvanic corrosion that may inform your choices. -ARRL Contest Letter