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Field Day

We honestly haven’t met again, but we will. In the meantime, there has been some significant work on the ARC antennas!  We were not able to use the big loop last year. One aspect we found was the loop was significantly low out of band in its resonance.  Dale has worked on that to change it into the ham band, mostly good for CW but tunable for all the bands. This may make a difference, and we’re working on filters, etc., for further applications. Donn, Stan and Joe MP re-hung the double extended zepp antenna, and discovered a problem probably with the balun- the feedline was showing an open from the antenna back to the balun where it should have shown a short. Work continues! We did leave some of the original rope anchors in the trees, which will help Field Day installation. Our June meeting is all about Field Day!!

Don’t forget- NAME THE PIG!!!  (See earlier article)