Let’s Save a Life!

This may be the most important meeting you attend! Many thanks to our ARES EC, Ben Schwab, W8AXE, Delaware County EMS has graciously offered to provide us with CPR training the night of the DELARA meeting (May 16th). If you are planning on attending I need to know so Delaware County can provide enough instructors. I have included a link below to be able sign up. I hope to see you all there. http://signup.com/go/LcbEvMe As of this writing, there are 10 signed up.  DON’T DELAY! We need to be able to provide enough instructors for the course. This is an important skill to learn or refresh!  We never know when we’ll need it. It’s a great feeling to know we did everything we could in those circumstances.

May 2017


You’re reading the May DELARA News!

DELARA News is published online monthly as the newsletter for the Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware, OH.
delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 37 NUMBER 5

The Prez’s Shack

Good news everybody: last month’s newsletter was voted Most Accurate News by the National Non-Fake News Organization!  Quite an honor; the officers will be enjoying a gourmet meal somewhere and hobnobbing with important dignitaries from the all over this great country.  If you missed the April news, please navigate around our web site and find it.  The new ARES clothing should really grab your attention. We head into two busy months; this month we have the Dayton (Xenia) Hamvention.  It is a one-in-a-kind.  Every ham, especially those in Ohio, should have going to Hamvention on their bucket list.  The major manufacturers are there and Kenwood is supposed to introduce a new HF radio there.  Rumor has it that the new Kenwood will take a spot somewhere between the TS-590SG (I have two 590’s; great radio) and the contesters dream – the TS- 990.  That would probably put it on somewhat equal footing with the Icom 7610 and the Elecraft K3S.  I do not think my trunk will have one in it when I return from Xenia, though. Of course, next month is our major holiday: Field Day.  For new hams, both Hamvention and Field Day are something that you really should experience. Please join us for our May meeting, it is on May 16, 7:30 p.m. at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Road.  Lots of comfortable seating and knowledgeable hams are there.  Visitors are always welcome, no amateur radio license needed.