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Joe’s Place Palace

Joe Papworth, K8MP ANNOUNCING… The Second Ever EMPY awards!!!!!   Note: No Barbie Dolls were harmed in the making of this lamp. Winners do not receive the actual lamp but you do receive the photo and a certificate! This Fragilé, Major Award might be yours. Read on! The entertainment award season is over. (I hope) I get them all confused, probably because I rarely watch them. There are Grammy awards, Emmy awards, Oscar awards, Indie awards, and a bunch more. As with any award system, worthy people will be left out. Too bad… There are awards in twelve categories. Let’s get started. The “Pomp and Circumstance Award” goes to: Joe, AA8TA, for being The Best President ever. The “Pomp and Circumstance Nomination Award” goes to: Joe, K8MP, for being the best presidential nominator ever. The “Hold My Beer Award” goes to: Bob, W8ERD, for somehow emptying his old QTH. The dubious “I Moved And Now I Can’t Find Anything Award” also goes to: Bob, W8ERD, nearly causing forfeiture of his Hold My Beer Award. The “You Shoulda Been There Award” goes to: Will, N8HDM, for keeping us informed of all the historical events we missed out on. The “It’s Race Time Fashion Award” goes to: Stan “Standex”, N8BHL, for introducing his new line of Spandex ARES-Wear. The “All-time Greatest Field Day Support Award” goes to: Tim, NS8B, for this:   Admit it. You thought it was gonna be grub related. The “Let’s Kill Ourselves While We’re Having Fun Award” goes to: Ed, K8MEJ, Dale, W8KTQ, and Joe, K8MP, for hauling a camper, three stations, several antennas, food, and everything else needed, down to Lake Hope State Park for a 12-hour contest. The “You Can’t Do That On TV Award” goes to: Bob, W8ERD, for “Wowing” all of us. The “I Make People Never Want To Step In An Airplane Again Award” goes to: Wally, W8WLK. This award is self-explanatory. The “Carry Me Back Award” goes to: Craig, W8CR, and Will, N8HDM, for giving Father Time a last hurrah at the Plain City steam engine show. The “My Family No Longer Knows Me Award” goes to: Scott, N8SY, for spending more time with the troops than is humanly possible. Decisions of The Judge are probably final. Any appeals will be handled on a cash-only basis.