delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 37 NUMBER 5
Testing - get a license! Upgrade your license! DELARA is part of the LARC testing system. We provide FCC Amateur Radio license exams at all levels. There is NO CHARGE for taking these exams.
Contesting - the DELARA Contest Team A big part of ham radio is the contest - a mix of equipment, antenna, and operating that keeps our operators up all night. Our Contest Team has wracked up very respectable results. It’s a fun activity for the seasoned hard-butt contester or the beginner!
DX  Where’s the rare one? A big part of Amateur Radio is the whole aspect of bouncing a radio wave off the ionosphere, to exchange signals with similar stations all over the globe. It’s call DX, an abbreviation for distant contacts, and it’s a great challenge!
Field Day - in the books for 2017! What happens if there’s suddenly no electricity, no communication across the country? Amateur Radio is at the ready, and to test ourselves nationwide we stage a “Field Day” event every September. In order to make it fun, there’s a contest atmosphere with points scored and bragging rights to be had. But the basic function is to set up an independant communications point and make contacts all over the country. DELARA does it very, very well!


Ham radio is all about people, technology, experimenting, knowledge and a lot more. But there is one single function of the hobby that is at the same time frustrating and rewarding.  The heart of ham radio is just this: OPERATING! Click on the button below to go to the page, or pick it from the menu above
Tech - the technical side of our hobby For many, the hobby is still building, soldering, and tinkering. But these days, that’s as likely to involve computers, chips, programming and components.  The heartbeat of ham radio is a technical interest in not only the social act of communications, but the how’s and why’s behind it!