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Ohio Section News

Scott Yonaly, N8SY Ohio Section Manager Hey Gang... This past week has been busy for sure. I loved seeing everyone at the Cuyahoga Falls Hamfest and at several meetings, classes and even a breakfast that I attended this past week. Yes gang, I want you to know that even I have been taking more NIMS classes. As I’ve stated over and over, when you become an Amateur, your classroom work just begins! Now, on to another subject… It seems that many of you have taken my challenge about getting on the Ohio ARES DMR net Wednesday evenings and have been checking in. Why are we doing this? We are testing the systems. Not much action on the website this week to report. As you know, we did make the switch over from a Tier System to a Level system within ARES so that we could align ourselves better when the national system gets rolled out in the very near future. I will also remind everyone that was a Tier I member, you are now automatically become a Level 2 member with this change. We won’t be issuing new certificates, so hang on to the old ones that you were sent, if you requested them. Ok, I to want to update you on the NIMS count. We now have 682 persons registered in out NIMS database. I’m sure that you’ve already read who received the Vest. I am once again setting the bar up even higher to get the 700th person register, and YES, I will send that person an ARRL ARES Mesh Vest! Have you gotten your courses in yet? How about it, I know that there’s still a lot of you out there that have not taken the NIMS classes yet. C’mon, what have you got to lose? Here’s a link to get you started on your way: This year’s theme for the Dayton Hamvention is “AMATEUR RADIO…. SERVING THE COMMUNITY” Continuing the tradition and in harmony with this year theme, Dayton Hamvention will once again have a setup and display of emergency communications vehicles, an “ECOMM TRUCK RALLEY”. The purpose of the display is to promote emergency communications and for groups who build and operate mobile communications facilities to display their equipment and demonstrate their capabilities it’s also a chance for the groups to talk about how to develop emergency communications in the field and to exchange ideas with Hamvention visitors. This is a great opportunity to share your concepts, designs, ideas, layout and equipment for mobile emergency communication in the field and to give others ideas on designing their own unit or updating their existing unit! We have had displays as simple as a pop up tent to RV style operations. We have had displays from local groups, out of state hospital support teams, Salvation Army, Civil Air Patrol, MARS, DHS and many others. There will be a meet and greet and “review of the troops” during the event with emergency communications leaders and managers from the ARRL, ARES, MARS and others. This would be a great time to explain your display and your emergency communications program. It is recommended that your organization have information such as handout or flyers. Also take lots of pictures for possible publication. There are a few basic rules: • Setup will be on Thursday May 17, 2018 anytime during the day. Before/ afterhours arrivals by appointment. • Display area will be in the parking lot of 2017 Hamvention tents. • Vehicles will not be allowed to leave the display area during active Hamvention hours, but may be driven out after hours. • Electricity hookups may not be available or some distance away. Bring long extension cords. • No noisy generators such as construction site type above 65db noise level • Selling/flee market out of displays prohibited. • No holes or damage to the blacktop. If you have to use jacks or stabilizers they should have a large footprint or use a 2" thick wooden pad sufficient to distribute the weight of the vehicle. Hamvention has offered up to four (4) gate passes that allows you entry into the entire Hamvention which are also eligible for the door prizes and one (1) parking pass to the display unit. We do need the following Contact Name/call: Agency/Affiliation: Phone: Email Address: Size of the unit: Picture of unit: A short description of your unit: Send request to: Gary Hollenbaugh, NJ8BB Ecomm Display Coordinator 937-503-7070 12 | Page Please review QST March 2018 advertisement on page 122 and ARRL news letter dated March 15 2018. Website

Section training Coordinator

Jim Yoder, W8ERW Training has slowed during the summer as I am sure many of you have taken advantage of the school break and are enjoying some time off with family. I don’t have an exact date for when we began to log and catalog training data. As near as I can recall, I have been collecting certificates and maintaining the database for approximately 5 years now. The information was being kept for some time prior to my involvement as well. During my tenure however, we have more than tripled our numbers and we continue to grow regularly. The process of getting all of our ARES members trained in the 4 NIMS core courses remains a top priority. Here are the current numbers which certainly will have grown further by the time you read this. These numbers represent 81 of Ohio’s 88 counties and a few of our neighbors in adjoining states who participate with an Ohio ARES organization. - Active Members in the Database: 769 - Members who are NIMS complete: 574 - Total Training classes taken: 5,139 - Technicians: 71 - Generals: 182 - Advanced: 13 - Extras: 302 I am more than happy to enter any changes or corrections to your training records. Please let me know when these changes or errors occur and I will update your information accordingly. Additional training beyond the NIMS core courses is also welcome. Please also update your local EC with these changes and additions.

From the Section Traffic Manager

David Maynard, WA3EZN – STM First things first, I want to congratulate Mike, KC8WH who this month has been reelected the net manager for the Ohio Single Sideband Net. Mike has been doing a good job as is evidenced by his reelection. Wish him well and support him and the OSSBN so we can continue to make the Ohio Section a proud part of the National Traffic System. I would also like to thank Dick, WD8SDH for stepping up and accepting the elected position of advisory board member. This is a three-year term position so welcome aboard Dick. Dick is a former Chief of Police, Cambridge, Ohio PD. Dick is retired now after 35 years of service to the community and 21 years USAF active and Guard service. He keeps very busy with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services, the CARA and the Boy Scout program. Dick holds an Extra class ham ticket. This OSSBN meets three times a day, 365 days a year on 3972.5 kHz and has never ever been overloaded or unable to handle the quantity of traffic that has been brought to the net. This net is always on the top of the scoring for the annual SET exercises. The OSSBN along with the Buckeye CW nets move traffic in and out of all corners of the state of Ohio and its members are prominent supporters of the regional Eighth Region Net and liaison to the Eastern Area Net. The five Ohio digital relay stations are all members of the OSSBN. Many of the OSSBN  members are also ARES members in their own areas. The OSSBN meets three times a day at 10:30 AM, 4:15 PM and 6:45 PM. Check it out.