The BIG story about November’s meeting is what’s going to happen ~before~ the meeting! Our Chef Tim is starting what could be a great annual tradition: the pre-Thanksgiving meal! See “Club News” for details. Our November meeting moves from the high drama of club business (??) to the even higher drama of our annual Boat Anchor Night! Under the club rules, we select a slate of officers for the coming year. You do not need to be present to win. Now is the time to go down to the cobwebbed back corners of your “I may need this someday” stash, and pick out some gems to bring to the meeting.  It is optional but accepted practice to inform the XYL proudly that you’re finally cleaning out some of your radio stuff. When you bring it to the meeting, you are sworn to give it away at no cost to the first person who grabs for it.  You, on the other hand, are expected to find that one item you’ve been seeking all these years, grab for it, and take it home victorious!  No fisticuffs.  If your item for some unknown reason doesn’t find its way to a new home, YOU MUST TAKE IT BACK! (The dumpster’s at the back of the parking lot.)  This is limited to radio and computer stuff- no doilies, no quilts and no ancient car parts. You do not have to bring anything to take something home.  Regifting is permitted, so long as they don’t remember you took it last year.  If the person who brought it last year actually grabs it back, you are sworn to stop the festivities to make such announcement! This is a fun event for everyone, with lots of laughs. Some of the stuff actually works!  Some of the parts are actually worthwhile. Bob’s stuff will have manuals.

November 2018


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Boat Anchor Night!

The Prez’s Shack

Joe Fischer, AA8TA Seems like two days ago I was saying “Welcome to 2018.”  Now we’re getting close to saying “Goodbye 2018.”  I wonder what things not rushing by so fast is like. A few things have been going on around DELARA-land.  The station re-build continues and we’re getting close to finishing Version 2, largely thanks to Dale, W8KTQ.  A lot of tough lessons were learned with Version 1 of the station so we hope things are better than ever. I attended a couple of events that were enjoyable.  One was Otterbein University’s homecoming.  It was fun being outside and having small HF and VHF stations set up.  Tom, N4HAI, made a few CW contacts and it was an enjoyable event.  Thanks to Troy, AC8XP, for organizing that. A little later on, Ed, K8MEJ, organized a JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) for scouts at Camp Lazarus.   I was not there for the whole event, but there were a lot of kids who went through the shelter where Ed was set up.  They spent quite a bit of time talking to another JOTA station aboard the NS Savannah in Baltimore Harbor. It’s nice to step out of the shack once in a while and get out into the public with these type of events. For November, we are looking at a couple of things for our meeting.  According to the club’s bylaws, November is our business meeting primarily for the purpose of electing officers for 2019.  We invite all members to attend and vote for the leaders of the club for next year.  After elections, we will have our annual give-away night.  Look for information in your inbox about that; it will be the same format as in the past. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, November 21, 7:30 p.m., at the Delaware Red Cross, 380 Hills-Miller Rd.  As a special inducement to attend, Chef Tim, NS8B, is planning a Thanksgiving- style dinner at around 6:00 p.m.  The next day is Thanksgiving so you can give your belly a workout before the big day.  Hope to see you there.