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Meeting Forecast 2018 - 2019

We have some excellent topics in the pipeline for 2019 ~  many of our club members have great expertise, and are always willing to share! If you have an idea for a club presentation or topic, let Stan or Joe know! January: Tour of WWV February:  Phasing Antennas March: Our traditional Field Day planner April:  Portable Antennas May:  June: Field Day is here! July: August: September:  October: It’s MESHtober!  November:  Boat anchor swap and business meeting December: No meeting For Sale

DELARA History

35 years ago -  November 1983

Plans are underway for the ham radio classes.  The launch of Dr. Owen Garriott, W5LFL was anticipated on the Shuttle. (I actually heard his two meter reports! Sounded like he was in the front yard!    -ed)

30 years ago -  November 1988

Club business meeting.  Club was encouraged to build the “Elmer” program. US State Dept. relies on Hams for communication into Grenada.  

20 years ago -  November 1998

ARRL puts pressure on FCC to open 17 meter band. We lost a chunk of 220. 40,000 ft wing under construction at Hara Arena.

10 years ago -  November 2008

The club received a thank you letter from Nancy and Donnie Arnold, for helping with Arch’s equipment after his passing. (There is still a hole in DELARA not filled after his leaving us.)

DELARA on the Web

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For Sale

I have a few items I'm going to sell online. but I figured I'd send an email in case anyone locally is interested. You folks have the advantage of getting to see and demo since you're local. Please email me directly at cuisinartoh@gmail if you have any questions. ELAD FDM-DUO in Red - $750 radio only, $850 w/ BlueDuo and Tablet This is an awesome direct-sampling SDR transceiver standalone and even better when used with SW2 software on a computer FDM-DUO Red Optional: BlueDuo dongle and Samsung Galaxy Tab A Android Tablet w/case for panadapter w/o using a computer. I used this for portable operations Elecraft KXPA100 w/ internal tuner - $950 Has auto-band sensing Used along with ELAD FDM-DUO QRP SDR transceiver LNR Precision W4OP small transmitting magnetic loop - $350 W4OP manual tuning loop Included options - carry case, tripod adapter, BNC to SO-239 adapter Alpha Delta DX-CC fan dipole - $100 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m Assembled and tuned for my QTH - ends folded back and not cut so can be re-tuned Chameleon portable antenna system - $450 Hybrid mini 5:1 transformer 60’ wire with winder 130’ wire with winder Spike ground mount CHA-MIL whip - 10’8” long CHA-MIL-EXT whip - 6’6” long CHA-CAP-HAT - capacity hat to use between whip and extension for added efficiency Possible antenna configurations: End-fed 160m-10m NVIS 160/80/40 - using wire or whips Vertical 160m-10m - use spike mount with transformer Inverted L - use spike mount with transformer Sloper - use spike mount with transformer ICOM ID-31A Plus - $180 UHF (70cm) HT with D-Star and GPS New in box - never used Everything is in excellent condition. I'm happy to demo anything at my house in Lewis Center. Ed Jones - K8MEJ - Lewis Center, Ohio U.S.A