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Craig MIller  W8CR

Fly’n Tin

Malfeasant Park I pretty much go along with anything and believe everything I read and see on the internet:  - Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky is pregnant with Bigfoot’s love child – totally plausible;   -The secret to winning the Powerball Jackpot, I’ll bite;   -Retire by the age of 59, sign me up! But I must draw the line when a Hollywood movie misrepresents the proper use of amateur radio equipment! The other week, my child bride brought home a DVD of the latest installment of the Jurassic Park/World series: “Fallen Kingdom”.  I’m not sure if this is the 15th or 16th resurrection of the famous original blockbuster movie based on the novel written by Michael Crichton about a scientist creating an amusement park with real live dinosaurs cloned from DNA found in ancient mosquito guts.    Totally believable concept.   The story line consists of a hunk leading man (Chris Pratt) and a gorgeous redhead (Bryce Dallas Howard, Ron Howard’s daughter!) who go onto a dinosaur inhabited island to rescue them from a massive volcano just itching to blow. It turns out bad men want to convert these animals into invincible soldiers.  Sounds reasonable. Things go south real fast when Chris heads out to the jungle to rescue his pet velociraptor, Blue, while Bryce stays in communications with him from the headquarters.  Reality takes a nosedive, never to recover. Bryce uses a Yaesu FT DX-1200 HF transceiver.     As you clearly see, she is operating on 75 meters and you will verify the radio is in menu mode.  Several points of fallacy: I hear no drunks on the radio cursing at each other; she never gives her callsign, nor is her license displayed prominently in the shack; she left the radio in menu mode – poor operating habit.  Being that this island is somewhere near Indonesia, did they apply for a reciprocal license 60 days before their trip and apply for IOTA certification?  I’m afraid the answer is clearly “NO”. Out in the field, Mr. Pratt is keeping her posted on his mission using little handheld radio that looks suspiciously like a FRS radio:   I’m not an expert, but is there a small handheld radio on the market with a two inch antenna that operates on 3.8 MHz LSB?  I have to shake my head… Back at HQ, we get another glimpse of the rig:   The VFO-B is set to the CW portion of the band but clearly is using Lower Sideband Mode – That’ll peeve the CW DXers out there!  Plus, if she did flip to VFO-B, she would splatter outside of the 80 meter band violating all sorts of international regulations. Oops!  You also noticed, somebody bumped the dial.  She’s now off frequency, sounding like Donald Duck – violating Disney copyrights, the lawyers will be on top of this ASAP!   Facing a real live T-Rex on an island that’s about to become flying gravel doesn’t get your heart pumping, maybe a letter from the FCC will. That, I believe.