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After 32 years, a swing and a miss! Delaware is known nationwide for several things…all of them good. One is the annual All-Horse Parade, traditionally held the weekend prior to the start of the Delaware County Fair. It’s significant because it’s the largest all-horse parade, for one, and also because it leads into the nationally acclaimed “Little Brown Jug” race at the end of the fair. For 32 years, the parade has graced the streets of Delaware with horses… and their leftovers… but not this year. Pretty much since the parade bagan, DELARA hams have provided communications for this event, so we have a lot invested.  This year was no different- volunteers were logged and assignments were distributed. And then it rained. As the weekend came near, the National Weather Service didn’t hold back: severe weather, extraordinarily heavy rains and flooding was going to affect the Midwest, thanks to the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon.  It certainly didn’t look good. After conferencing with Police and other officials and certainly understanding the issues a storm would present horses (not to mention their drenched riders), parade officials reluctantly had to cancel the whole thing for 2018. Nobody was happy about that, but nobody complained because everyone knew it was necessary.  So the Delaware streets were quiet that Sunday afternoon. It didn’t “storm”, it didn’t lightning. It did provide a total weekend of rain, so the call wasn’t off by much. Just enough to let us recognize that the weather can play a trump card when it feels like it. There are a couple more ARES events coming up: September 22 is another traditional DELARA service, the Cystic Fibrosis bicycle ride. From 7:30 til 4-ish, three routes of varying distance will be presented to several hundred bicyclists. We still need more help for this one- email Stan or Ben if you can spare a nice Saturday to help out! And, don’t forget the Ohio SET October 6-7!  ALL DELARA members are urged to register with ARES Connect! Even if you only work Field Day or a couple small events, we need you to enter the system! 
Reminder: Statewide tornado drill September 5

Ohio ARES 

Stan Broadway, N8BHL

Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator

Black Swan 2018 – Here it comes! Every year the ARRL sponsors a Simulated Emergency Test, to exercise ARES capabilities on a large scale. Typically the first weekend in October, ARES units across the country grab go-box and vest and try to handle some type of emergency situation from earthquake to flood and everything in between.  There is simply no better way to learn, to improve our processes, and encourage our people than to ~do~ something!  Ohio has a tradition of taking advantage of SET weekend – the first weekend in October – and has mounted a respectable score in ARRL’s rankings. For 2017 we were published in the third spot nationwide. This year, we’re keeping the Black Swan format, and ASEC Matt Curtin, KD8TTE, has outdone himself again writing the plans and formats for the exercise period. Black Swan 2018 is centered around a winter storm and severe weather…something that can happen any time here in Ohio!  It begins with a blizzard and high wind, rolls into flooding and a bunch of trouble!  We have an impressive array of agencies and organizations involved, ranging across several states.  The Ohio Military Reserve is working in the exercise, and we’ve had inquiries from the Air and Army national guard.  All the various traffic groups are in, as is OHDEN, which is a critical part of Ohio’s ARES response.  Given all that, the real news you can take away from this is our SET boils down to YOU, and your county! The SET present each county EC with the overview of what’s happening, and it’s up to the EC to develop an exercise plan for his/her own county that would involve aspects likely to be affected. To help, we have included a cut-and-paste template on the Black Swan website: The Sarge will be lit up during the weekend of October 6-7, handling voice traffic on 3.902, OHDEN traffic on 3585 and talking with SHARES and other FEMA stations on 60 meters (yes we got approval.) Oh, by the way, MARS and SHARES stations have their own callsigns…PLEASE DON’T challenge them, they’re legit, just not ham calls. SET is a big deal! And it’s a fun time for your county organization to put something together and practice!   Silent Key Those of us who work the Sarge are saddened to report the passing of long-time station manager Wally Giffen, W8IYE. Wally worked hard to encourage the station and staff, and stayed as long as his failing health would permit. He was a credit to amateur radio. ARES Connect Unless you live under a large rock, you’ve probably already heard about this ARRL event and time accounting system. Ohio was one of a few to BETA test the program, and it is now being rolled out across the country. Each county in Ohio has its own identity, and each volunteer will have an identity within that county.  This system keeps track of who is a volunteer, and what events are going on. Once you’ve registered with the system, you can login at any time and see events that will be taking place. You can sign up for them, and you can enter how much time you spent for credit. This is the “automated” version of the monthly report, not much more. But it gives a lot more information, and the ability to go in at any time to get real-time hours and views of the different events! Please don’t wait- we need every volunteer (even if you only do a Field Day, or one event a year) to register at   We want to start using this system right now… so I hope you all will take just a minute (since you’re already on the computer, right??) and register.