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Meeting Forecast 2018

We have some excellent topics in the pipeline for 2018~  including the Terror Awareness session outlined on the front page this month.  Some of these are not completely firmed up (those out 6 months or so) but we’re pretty confident. January: Terror awareness February:  T33 island Dxpedition March: Our traditional Field Day planner April:  Night at the movies! Our own Bob W8ERD’s “Wow Movie” May:  Ohio SEC June: Field Day is here! July: Remote Station operation at the ARC August: Hamin’ it up in Jolly Old September:  Using the computer antenna models October: It’s MESHtober!  November:  Boat anchor swap and business meeting December: No meeting

DELARA History

35 years ago -  September 1983

Plans are underway for the ham radio classes.  The launch of Dr. Owen Garriott, W5LFL was anticipated on the Shuttle. (I actually heard his two meter reports! Sounded like he was in the front yard!    -ed)

30 years ago -  September 1988

The code /no-code debate was raging!  Doc Sheller, KN8Z talked DX. 

20 years ago -  September 1998

Big tour of the new 911 center took place. There was also discussion about solar and wind energy.

10 years ago -  September 2008

Jim Weaver, K8JE (SK) was a welcomed speaker. We communicated for the Delaware Horse Parade.

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