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Random tales of the OQP I ended up having three sessions of OQP and combined, only worked 4 hours. Conditions were not good compared to previous years but I still ended up working one a minute for 4 hours. Just had too many other things going on to spend more time. Had fun as usual and not nearly as much work as required last year with Joe at Lake Hope (Vinton County). That was great fun (except for the lady in a cabin that yelled at me for making noise with my air compressor while I was trying to shoot a line in a tree)! Great experience other than that!!! 73-Dale W8KTQ OH QSOPARTY Summary Sheet        Start Date : 2018-08-25     CallSign Used : W8KTQ       Operator(s) : W8KTQ Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : HIGH              Mode : MIXED     Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Mul  Pt/Q    3.5  CW     106     212   35   2.0    3.5  LSB        5             5          5   1.0    7  CW      124     248     36   2.0    14  CW            7         14          5  2.0  Total  Both 242     479   81   2.0             Score : 38,799 - - - I was in and out all day.  Had a car show and ice cream social at noon, eucher tournament t at 7 PM and tierdness at 10:30 pm, so only worked 3 and a half hours.  Must have missed the good  times. Even worked that funny callsign. KN8CWO CallSign Used : N9AUG       Operator(s) : N9AUG Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : LOW              Mode : MIXED    Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Mul  Pt/Q    3.5  CW      87     174   48   2.0    3.5  LSB     11         11   11 1.0    7  CW      37         74   15   2.0    14  CW      13         26      7   2.0    Total  Both   148     285   81   1.9             Score : 23,085 - - - Man, I have a lot to learn. I worked from 12 noon until about 10pm, but only about 5.5 hours of that time period was on the air. The rest were breaks and putzing around. and didn't make 200 phone QSOs. The closest thing to a real contester that I felt was around 9pm on 40m when all of sudden I had a run of about 30 QSOs all at once. The only person I worked who I knew was Joe K8MP. I didn't hear anyone else. I still had fun. I only had a vertical antenna, though the 80m element was an inverted L. I had intended to string up a horizontal antenna but I didn't count on there being a disc golf course right behind my campsite. I didn't think it would be a good idea to run a wire across the fairway :-) Thankfully I added that 80m element at the last minute because most of my contacts were 80m until about 9pm. I need a contesting boot camp and I need to learn CW if I'm ever going to score well in this contest :- ) I still had fun!! Ohio QSP Party Log File Name: 2018 Ohio QSO Party Created By: SkookumLogger 2.3.0 Contest Start: 2018-08-25 1600Z Duration: 12 hours Call: K8MEJ Score Breakdown Band SSB Points Dupes Suspects Regions 80m 81 81 3 1 48 40m 83 83 2 0 25 20m  1   1 0 0   1 15m 0   0 0 0   0 10m 0   0 0 0   0 All 165 165 5 1 74 Score: Score: 12,210 - - - Many tales…. My radio is not yet connected to my PC, so there is no memory keying etc. And N1MM cannot keep track of band changes, so it must be done manually, and I missed a few of them. I have not operated in a contest for more than a year, so my manual cw sending was a little rusty. I took off an hour for dinner and quit at 9 pm. This was the first use of my new dipole antenna.  On 40, it was less sensitive than my beam, so I did not use it there. On 80 it turned on my kitchen faucet. Turned off the faucet.  But the worst problem is it sends my PC into the heebiejeebies. The screen gets rapidly filled with more and more strange windows. But it works if I lower power to 100 watts, so that was it. My noise level on 80 is s9, so again not good.  Will have to investigate that.  But that all pretty much wiped out 80 for me. I had some really good SSB openings to the west coast, averaging 1.3 qsos/min for 3 hours.  There are LOTS and LOTS of hams in California! OH QSOPARTY Summary Sheet Start Date : 2018-08-25 CallSign Used : W8ERD  Operator(s) : W8ERD Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : HIGH              Mode : MIXED    Band   Mode  QSOs Pts  Mul  Pt/Q     3.5  CW    16      32    6   2.0     3.5  LSB      8       8    8   1.0     7  CW     103     206   35   2.0     7  LSB      6       6    6   1.0   14  CW     101     200   24   2.0   14  USB    146     146   25   1.0  Total  Both   380     598  104   1.6             Score : 62,192              This was very much a part-time effort; I got started late and ended early when my yawning kept me from understanding the few responses I was getting at the end.  I did not know El Sol was up to her old tricks. At the last minute, I decided to use the call sign KN8CWO.  This belongs to the Great Lakes division of CWops, which I am the trustee for. I remember working Tom, KV8Q; Larry, N9AUG; Joe, K8MP and Paul, N2OPW.  When Paul called, I thought: “I know that call sign.”  It was just above the noise so I assumed it was in eastern New York.  When he sent “DE…” I thought “so he is in Delaware state but why is sending 4 letters?”  So that was my LID moment.  I saw Stan, N8BHL; Bob, W8ERD; Dale, W8KTQ and Craig, W8CR go across the RBN but could not hear them very well.  So way to go Craig - you da man! Biggest surprise was when I was running on 80 meters and OM2VL called in.  I thought there is no way that somebody in Europe could hear my wet noodle of an antenna so it took me a while to register that it really was him.  Right around then, I was thinking that I need a different antenna but what, I do not know.  Can’t get anything up high.  Nothing happened on 15 meters and 20 meters did not yield much until late afternoon. That is my story.                OH QSOPARTY Summary Sheet     CallSign Used : KN8CWO       Operator(s) : AA8TA Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : LOW              Mode : CW  Default Exchange : FRAN        Gridsquare : EN80NB              Name : Joe Fischer         Club/Team : Delaware Amateur Radio Association         Band     QSOs     Pts  Mul  Pt/Q          3.5      55     110   13   2.0            7     126     252   39   2.0           14       9      18    7   2.0        Total     190     380   59   2.0   Score : 22,420 - - - Condx were not the best (Under-statement of the year?) but as always I had fun. I had hopes early on of cracking 200K points, which I haven't done in a few years. However, it became obvious fairly quickly that it wasn't going to happen. Delara was well represented. I lost track of which members I worked in the contest but there were many. I'm looking forward to hearing President Joe tell us about that call-sign he was boot-legging. I lost about 3 hours of contest time to breaks, grub, and thunder-bumpers. Fortunately those storms had weakened a lot by the time they arrived. A nice surprise: 40 shortened up enough to have in-state QSOs in the evening. I don't know if it was because of the G2 flare that hit last night or what. A bad surprise: Around 10 or 11 PM, signals on 80 became weak and very fluttery. I checked the solar numbers and the K Index was a whopping 6, as a result of that G2 storm.  2018 OHIO QSO PARTY        Call used: K8MP                                              Category: Single-Op                       Mode: MIXED               Power: High        band   CW QSOs    CW pts     Ph QSOs    Ph pts      ------------------------------------------------------------------------       80        142               284               64             64       40        165               330               44             44       20         68                136               35             35               --------------------------------------------------------------------------      TOTAL  375              750              143           143  ( 893 ) QSO points  X  ( 160 ) Multipliers  =  142,880 points   - - - After all of these years, I finally did it!  I’ve never done a CW contest where I didn’t give up after the first fumbled exchange. I practiced this week while working in L.A. using Morse Runner and wired things together on the FTDX5000 this afternoon.  After mowing the lawn, I finally got on the air after 9:00 pm and played to 11:30.  OMG, I actually didn’t crash and burn as in previous attempts.  Not a whopping score but one I am proud of for the short duration:   CallSign Used : W8CR   Operator(s) : W8CR Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : LOW              Mode : MIXED       Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Mul  Pt/Q          3.5  CW      67         134   42   2.0        Total  Both    67         134   42   2.0             Score : 5,628 - - - I started around 2pm, worked til 11 (seems like I worked everybody) Had a really nice pileup going on 40 phone around 9-ish, but all out of state. Operating was fun, though.     CallSign Used : N8BHL       Operator(s) : N8BHL Operator Category : SINGLE-OP              Band : ALL             Power : HIGH              Mode : MIXED Default Exchange : DELA        Gridsquare : EN80KJ         Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Mul  Pt/Q          3.5       CW      57          112   40   2.0          3.5       LSB     60            60   36   1.0            7       CW       6              12    4   2.0            7       LSB    117          117   31   1.0        Total  Both   240            301  111   1.3             Score : 33,411