delara news Delaware Amateur Radio Association, Delaware OH   VOL 37 NUMBER 9
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DELARA Club Station Agreement Use of the club station is limited to DELARA members who are current on their dues. If in doubt, ask!  The station manager’s names and phone numbers are posted on the station door. There is a lock box on the outside of the building to get a key to unlock the outside door and a keypad lock for the station door.  The keypad code will be changed periodically. Please be aware that a camera records people coming into or out of the station.  This is for security and is not designed to monitor your operating. Please attend an orientation session, or ask for a demonstration, before operating at the station. Codes for the doors are not to be shared with friends, family members or other non-DELARA members. Please announce your intention to use the station via the club’s email reflector so that others May plan around your intention. Operation of the stations must be within the bounds of your license. Please be extremely careful with drinks or food; food should be kept in the kitchen.  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess. Please be aware that the Red Cross owns the building has much property in the building and respect for their property is expected. Most of all:  PLEASE USE THE STATION!! IT’S THERE FOR ALL CLUB MEMBERS!   We were successful in removing the lightning arrestor bar and all coaxes attached to it at the roof apex. We also went higher and removed the big loop balun and wire attached to the tower, higher up yet, we raised the GOTA dipole end as high on the tower as we could go and went up to the beam boom and tried to level it. We did but the nuts were so tight that it was impossible to tighten them more. We got it level but not sure it will stay. The mechanical design of that beam is not the best so we'll have to live with it. Also, found one 1/2" ground rod that was underneath the wood pile. We decided to try to remove it but it wouldn't budge!  After looking at it a while, we decided we could use it instead of driving a new one. Hooked two #8 copper wires (provided by Bob Dixon) to it, with No-ox and topped it of with hot glue to seal it. Drove the rod down further in the ground so it won't be seen. Dug a small trench over to the tower leg where the 2nd wire will be attached. Also started drilling holes for the three ground rods that will 10' from the tower legs. Didn't have the ground bars to install so we left it at that. Joe (DRZ) and Joe (TA) wound up the big loop and put it in the barn. We also removed the 40M CW dipole with Joe's (MP) coax. Joe (TA) and I measured the distance from the south tree to the north tree (support ends for the three end-to-end dipoles we'll be putting up). It's approximately 300' between the two trees and the 40M PH, 80M CW and 40M CW dipoles will fit end-to-end between the two with about 40 or so feet to spare. We measured approximately how much coax we'll need for all three and it is pushing 600' minimum. We also need to replace all of the yellow rope with good 3/8" black rope on each end so we won't have to worry about it breaking in the winter time!! Joe (DRZ) and I started to replace the south tree rope but it started to rain and the knot got caught in a limb fork so we'll fix that the next time up. I also salvaged the 1:1 balun off the 80M dipole so now we only need two more. Thanks to everybody who showed up to help!


ARC Station Phase 2 - Lots of Progress!

Remember, click on a picture for a larger view As we reported, the big DELARA project for the summer/fall is to completely rebuild the club/ARES station at the ARC.  Tim, NS8B, got his autocad skills out, and designed a layout. Dale came up with desk/counter tops and Tim even went dumpster-diving for lumber resources!  All that went together to produce some really strong, nice operating desks! While the console construction was underway, serious study was going on to improve our operating capabilities!  The biggest enemy so far has been inter-station interference. We called in some outside experts in addition to our own experts, and received several suggestions.  First, although the station was seemingly well-grounded, with 1” strips around the room and a ground rod outside, that apparently isn’t enough. the project calls for adding more grounding (a 4” strip, and several ground rods tied together.)  That project is under way now. With the new consoles comes the obvious requirement that the existing station gear and folding tables have to go. Here again, we set a work time and wow, did we have a crowd show up to help!  What a great club!  A huge thanks to Dale. Stan, Ben, Donn, Craig, Paul, Joe (MP) and Joe (DRZ).   AFTER JUST 32 MINUTES OF WORK, here’s what we had: As a part of the project, the “Big Green Lift” was rented again, and spread around Delaware County fairly well! One stop was at W8ERD’s where tower stuff was accomplished. It eventually wound up at the ARC, for feedline and grounding work up high.