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Dale Williams, WA8EFK, Great Lakes Division Director The following news was announced earlier this week by ARRL Headquarters: Newington, CT – August 27, 2018 – The Board of Directors of ARRL, The national association for Amateur Radio, has elected Howard E. Michel, PhD, WB2ITX, of Dartmouth, MA, to be the association’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective October 15. Michel is currently Chief Technology Officer at UBTECH Education, and Senior Vice President of UBTECH Robotics, a $5 billion (U.S.) Shenzhen, China, AI and robotics company. As the Chief Technology Officer at UBTECH Education, Michel helped build this company from a start-up in China to $100 million in valuation.   “I have amateur radio to thank for starting me on a very successful career, and I’m excited about the opportunity to further ARRL's goals as CEO. Leading the League will allow me to ‘give back’ to a great community and provide similar opportunity for future generations,” Michel said. “I have been a licensed ham for fifty years, and I’ve seen many changes in the hobby. One of my top priorities as CEO will be to develop new products and services so all licensed hams, whatever their license class or interest, find value in League membership,” he added. Michel first because licensed as WN2ITX when he was about 16 years old and upgraded to General Class and Advanced Class within a year of that. He upgraded to Extra Class in 2000. He notes that he has always had a strong interest in building and repairing radio equipment. “I’ve operated CW/AM/FM/SSB/Digital on 80/40/20/15/10/2 on equipment that I have either built, repaired or modified.” “We are excited to have someone of Howard’s qualifications to lead this organization,” said Rick Roderick, K5UR, ARRL president. “Howard’s management experience, along with his experience at leading a membership-driven association, makes him an ideal person to move this organization forward,” Roderick said. In 2015, Michel was the volunteer president and CEO of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a volunteer-led 501(c)3 association advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.  “In any large membership-led organization such as ARRL, its members and volunteers are its greatest asset, and a good staff-volunteer relationship is crucial to its success,” Michel said. “I intend to build on this relationship and multiply and amplify the efforts of both staff and volunteers in furthering ARRL’s goals to advance the art, science, and enjoyment of Amateur Radio.” Michel is a retired U.S. Air Force officer having served as a pilot, satellite launch director, engineer and engineering manager, including a tour in the People’s Republic of China where he served as a senior U.S. Government technical representative enforcing technology-transfer control plans and procedures during two satellite launch operations. He notes that during his time in the military, wherever he could set up an antenna he took the opportunity to operate. Michel has a notable academic background, including currently being a Visiting Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Previously he was a member of the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and the University of Dayton in Ohio. Michel says that some of his favorite activities include attending hamfests to find old stuff to repair or re- purpose, contest operating, and DXing, especially on 80/40 meters. He adds that he is a Life member of the Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association. Michel will succeed Barry J. Shelley, N1VXY, who had been serving as ARRL’s CEO since January of 2018 following the resignation of Tom Gallagher, NY2RF. Shelley had been ARRL’s Chief Financial Officer since January of 1992. ********* Again, change comes to our Headquarters operation.   While it is inevitable, sometimes we are uncomfortable with the unknowns that change brings.   Particularly with new leadership, we are especially alert to even the very minor differences in the various ways the "new guy" influences day-to-day operations.  So as we gear up to welcome Howard Michel in October, let's gear up for the expectations regarding the new ideas he will bring.   Will we all agree with every decision?  Of course not, and that should not be a consideration.  Will we reach accord, will we achieve consensus, will we find common points?  Yes, and that's the way it should be.  Let's also be supportive by continuing to bring out our own new ideas as we face the future of our hobby, especially as we introduce newcomers to ham radio and mentor them into being good operators.  That's the important goal. Tom's comments follow and are a well aligned insight for today. TOM'S COMMENTS:  Comments from our Vice Director Tom Delaney W8WTD Who is a ham?  What does a ham do?  I was thinking about that recently as I looked back on my summer.  Not much operating.  Well, wait, there was Field Day.  And lots of repair, lots of planning.  Wanting to make sure that all the systems will operate, both at my home station and for the clubs I work with. Those of us who have been in ham radio for a while tend to remember certain hams we knew from the 1950s and 1960s, who had a reputation for staying in their basements (or wherever the shack was) and talking for hours around the world.  And a few of us still do that.  We have groups dedicated to helping each other find and work those rare call signs. Then there are others who talk little but tinker a lot.  Maybe it’s more than tinkering, but whatever you call it, it’s technical.  Maybe it’s just keeping equipment repaired, maybe it’s restoring life to old equipment, or it could even be real scientific advancement. And of course, these days, with fires and floods and storms all around us, a lot of people spend time preparing for, and actually operating during a disaster.  Just this past week, with the hurricane threatening Hawaii, the ARRL home page talked about “Ham Aid” and the preparations to make sure equipment was available in case a large-scale relief effort was needed. There’s ham radio in each of those activities.  We all tend to do what we like, and every now and again, something new will catch our interest.  All of it is valuable to the future of ham radio. So let’s keep at it.  Make sure your gear works.  Get on and chat once in a while with friends.  And in particular, reach out to new hams and help them with projects so they learn and improve. Looking forward to seeing and talking with many of you during the upcoming hamfests this late summer and fall.  --73, Tom W8WTD Vice Director, Great Lakes Division HAMFESTING:  Here is the current Great Lakes Division ARRL Sanctioned Hamfest Schedule covering the next few months.  These swaps have received their sanctioning approval from ARRL HQ at the time of this publication.  If you plan to request ARRL Sanctioning, please be sure to do it well in advance of your Hamfest date, as this allows adequate time for QST Listings.   Be sure to invite your ARRL Officials as soon as your date is set.  With 52 weeks and 65 hamfests, things do double up a little.  Plan ahead for requesting your ARRL Officials to attend. 9/8/18 GRAHamfest Grand Rapids, MI 9/8/18 Greater Louisville Louisville, KY 9/9/19 Findlay Hamfest Findlay, OH 9/16/18 Adrian Hamfest Adrian, MI 9/16/18 Central Kentucky Richmond, KY 9/22/18 OHKYIN Hamfest Cincinnati, OH 9/22/18 GMARC Trunk Swap Shelby Twp, MI 9/23/18 Cleveland Hamfest Berea, OH 9/29/18 Paintsville Hamfest Paintsville, KY 10/6/18 Vette City Bowling Green, KY 10/11-14/18 Microwave Update Fairborn, OH 10/13/18 Cave Run Hamfest Moorehead, KY 10/20/18 Muskegon Color Tour Muskegon, MI 10/21/18 Kalamazoo Hamfest Kalamazoo, MI 10/27/18 Hazard Hazard, KY 10/28/18 Massillon Massillon, OH 10/28/18 USECA Madison Hgts, MI 11/3/18 Grant ARC Hamfest Georgetown, OH   Be sure to check your Section's news pages for the latest local happenings, club and net information. 73, Let's go light up the bands,