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Joe Papworth, K8MP September Potpourri I'm tired of running... For the umpteenth time, Microsoft caught up with my latest boot-legged version of Office. Every time this has happened, thanks to friends that have access to such things, I was able to “Renew” my fake license. But like a weary outlaw in the Old West, I'm tired of running from The Law and I'm goin' straight. Well, for now anyway. I initially tried WordPad but I figured it would be lacking some needed features. So today, I installed Open Office and will try it for a while. I've used it in the distant past and always ended up cheating my way back to M/S Office. We'll see what happens this time. Wanted: Heat donors This past week's 90-degree weather notwithstanding, it's getting to be the time of year that it becomes difficult to keep our pool water warm. Therefore, I am requesting that Heat Donors  come over and hop into the water. Ten or twelve per day should be sufficient and no experience is required. All you need to do is stay in the water until just before hypothermia sets in. The ability to tread water for extended periods is a plus. We have plenty of water toys, water volleyball, and water basketball to help you expend energy and contribute even more heat. A Blast from the Past September 2008 I bought K8OMA’s (Larry’s) FT-100 for HF mobiling and I’m having a ball with it. I installed my old Hustler on the left-rear fender and the combo has been working very well. (It only took me six years to get up the intestinal fortitude to drill holes in my Pontiac). By the way, that Hustler has out-lived 3 or 4 cars. Fast-forward ten years Make that 4 or 5 cars... The Pontiac has been put out to pasture in Utah and the FT-100 is in my shack. These days, it's pretty much just a 146/440 FM rig but it has made a few HF and six-meter contacts. During the recent CQWW VHF Contest, I loaded ten watts into my 185-foot doublet and made a dozen six- meter SSB contacts, mostly into Texas. Well, that's it for this month. I hope to see you all at the meeting but if not, then next month... … At Joe's Place