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Ed Jones, K8MEJ

I like to operate portable, and I try to be very careful to wrap up my radio(s) so they don't get scratched up, or worse, suffer damage. In particular, I'm very careful to protect the front knobs. They are expensive to repair, especially that optical encoder behind your tuning knob. Side rails/handles are made to help with this, but until recently I hadn't found anything that really fit my needs. A number of people make so-called "tactical" side rails, but for one reason or another they didn't work for me. Then I found these: I don't even remember how I stumbled across those but I'm glad I did. Here are the winning features for me: - They fit my IC-7300 perfectly and the side openings allow me to continue to use my ICOM carrying handle. I couldn't find any other rails that would do that. - The front handles curve outward, allowing plenty of room for fat ham fingers to turn the tuning knob, plug in the microphone, etc. Most rails I saw didn't curve outward like this. - The ears on the rear protect the connectors See the included pictures. The downside is I couldn't find a Stateside source for them, and their website is entirely in German, which I unfortunately don't speak. However, a quick email to them is enough to complete the purchase. I paid 50.94 Euros (approximately $58 USD) via PayPal. -- Ed Jones - K8MEJ - Lewis Center, Ohio U.S.A