Wire goes up… wires go down… wire goes up… wire goes down

In the great tradition of Homer SImpson (date yourself if you remember the hospital bed episode) we seem to have a recurring theme with the wire antennas and the trees. That is, the wind comes up, the trees dutifully dance in the wind, and the wire anchors suffer the consequences. Dale, W8KTQ, has spent several afternoons at the ARC property restoring our antennas. It wasn’t easy. Not once, but twice Dale-of-the-jungle had to fight his way into the forest to find the loosened support ropes. Then he had to literally chop his way back to reach them and secure them. The antenna gods weren’t done… Dale was called back again, as one of the coax feedlines dropped yet one more time, to be re-secured to the tower. Now, as spring approaches, we’ll cast our fate to the whims of the mowing crew- which seems to be able to find and destroy many of our efforts. Dale is excited about a new antenna he has ready to fly- a 160-meter inverted V. That will give our station at the ARC full band capabilities! Don’t forget- YOU can access the Yaesu 950 remotely, and take advantage of real antennas! Check with George, WD8KNC, for instructions!