Coming up: June 18 NCCC RTTY Sprint NCCC Sprint K1USN Slow Speed Test June 19 Battle of Carabobo International Contest All Asian DX Contest, CW SMIRK Contest Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest IARU Region 1 50/70 MHz Contest Stew Perry Topband Challenge West Virginia QSO Party ARRL Kids Day Feld Hell Sprint June 20 WAB 50 MHz Phone Run for the Bacon QRP Contest June 21 K1USN Slow Speed Test June 22 Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest RTTYOPS Weeksprint June 23 SKCC Sprint Phone Weekly Test - Fray CWops Mini-CWT Test Always Log What Is Sent -- Except... In a contest, you should always log what the other station sends as the exchange into your logging program. But what if it's wrong? Some options: If you've not completed the contact, and what you have copied doesn't make sense, you can ask for a repeat. If the station gives you the same (incorrect) exchange, you could ask the station yet again for a repeat, being explicit about the information you need for the contest. Zone, state, serial number, power, favorite shrubbery -- whatever you need. In the case of a zone, you'll need to explicitly ask for an "IARU Zone" or a "CQ Zone." The other station could be in a different contest, but will still give you the information that you need. Ultimately, you need to decide whether to log what was sent, or log what you "know" to be correct. If someone spelled their state incorrectly, it's probably okay to log the corrected information. For some types of exchanges, your logging program may reject a spelling that is not correct. For other less-obvious cases, it's still better to log what was sent. After the contest, after you've turned in your log, you might send a friendly email to the station and/or contest sponsor noting the situation - ARRL Contest Letter