We’re supposed to be ready!

You all know by now that one may ~think~ we’re ready for Field Day 21, but then someone alerts the gremlins (or in our case, the mowing crew with their coax-chopping equipment!) and bets are hedged. But within reason, we’re pretty sure our plans are together, and things are ready to fly. We will be running four stations, as usual. Two CW operators inside the ARC on our brand new 7300’s. 40 Phone will be inside Canned Ham, and 20/80 phone will use the sexy “Camo Ham” again. We will not be able to set anything up inside the barn this year because Red Cross Logistics has the space. We also have the Kenwood 590 available for digital modes, if we take a phone station off the air for a max of no more than 4 stations. Bob will have the GOTA station and displays set up in the small conference room as usual. He’ll be using another 7300 donated by Prez. Mike. As for the station, Dale has recently gone over the antennas - having to do coax repairs just before Bootcamp so they all should be operational. In addition, as seen elsewhere, he has now installed a massive 160-meter inverted V antenna. We have tested the 7300’s, and loaded N1MM with other software so we ~should~ be ready to go. We may still need some help getting CW keying to work with N1MM. There have been some other advancements there. For instance, we should be able to send HF Winlink messages from any of the HF radios. We can send fldigi forms and messages on VHF for local digital traffic. We’re still working on getting Winlink working on VHF, but that will come soon. So the operation of the ARC station during almost any emergency will be available and done smoothly!